Friday, February 10, 2017

Double Dog Fan Club Draw - Scooter and Barista

Congrats to Frances Sherertz who is a fan of Scooter and Carol Griffiths who is a fan of Barista!

Scooter just finished 2nd in the Yukon Quest 300. She is still a cutie with the desire to go, go, go. Amazing how great of a dog she is. Her attitude still sets her apart from everyone. Who is that happy to run hundreds of miles? You guessed it: Scooter!

Barista is a confident gal. She looks and acts tough even while in the dog team. Barista is smart and is really getting the hang of being a sled dog. She is the biggest girl in the litter and will grown into a powerful pup!

Frances and Carol win a copy of the Yukon Quest Race Annual, signed by Allen and Aliy plus a YQ patch. They will also receive a photo print portrait their dog along with a few other kennel goodies. We hope you enjoy your packets Frances and Carol!

We will be doing another Yukon Quest Dog Fan Club draw next Friday, February 17th. Everyone who has joined by then and hasn't already won will be in the draw to win!

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Carol said...

Thank you so much! Proud to be your fan, Barista!!

Anonymous said...

And a WOOF WOOF to the doggie winners!!!

Steve Parker said...

Sweet Barista ran wheel for 300 miles With Chris in the NL 300.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I am proud to be Ginger's sponsor and to be a big fan of Scooter.

Nessmuk said...

Congrats all the way around!! Love the YQ themed prizes....very cool!! I'm sure Barista and Scooter enjoyed their extra treats for being the picks of the draw!

Margaret said...

And a "Congrats" to two-legged winners, too!!!

Go Barista!!!

And what a girl, Scooter - a big cheer for the little cheerleader!!!