SP Kennel is a premier sled dog racing kennel in Two Rivers, Alaska, dedicated to the individual dog through excellent health, nutrition, training and specialized care.

Become a Dog Fan

Please note: As of January 31st, and during the Yukon Quest, all new dog fans WILL be included in Dog Fan Club draws but the website won't be updated until after the Quest. Apologies for any inconvenience.

We love our dogs and we know that you do too!

Many of you have your favorite SP Kennel dog or dogs:

-- maybe he or she has the best HOWL or he or she was the 'Golden Harness' winner or maybe he or she is an understated team player, but true sweetheart all the same --

Whatever your reason... trust us... we understand!

We invite you to become an SP Kennel Dog Fan.

Simply choose a racing dog, yearling or puppy from the list below, pay a $25 Fan Fee, and become part of the SPK Dog Fan Club. If you can't choose just one, become a fan of more than one dog!

Once you become an official SPK Dog Fan, your name will be published on the DogLog Dog Fan page under the photo of "your" dog.

Every two weeks during the season, SP Kennel will have a random drawing from all of the Dog Fans. The winning dog will get some extra treats -- courtesy of the SP Kennel Dog Fan Biscuit Bucket. The winning Fan will receive a "glam shot" of their dog plus an SP Kennel prize - this will be topical depending on the activities at the kennel that week.

At the end of the season every Dog Fan who joined BEFORE MARCH 1ST will receive an Official SP Kennel "End of the Trail" Postcard mailed from Nome just after the Iditarod finish. All Dog Fans who join on or after March 1st will receive an Official SP Kennel "End of the Trail" Postcard mailed from Two Rivers.

So, if you would like to become a Dog Fan choose your favorite dog or dogs, enter your name below and click the button to join.

Choose your favorite dog:
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Click on the button below to join. This will take you to a PayPal link where you can pay by credit card or through your PayPal account.

You can also post us a check if you prefer to SP Kennel, PO Box 16226, Two Rivers, AK 99716. Be sure to include the name of the dog of whom you wish to become a fan and your contact details.

-- About The SP Kennel "Dog Fan Club" Program --

The program runs on a seasonal basis. We clear the fans rosters at the start of each season in October, then add fans to the new season's list twice a week.

After a Fan wins they may not win with the same Fan fee again. However, the same Fan may re-enter by paying another Fan fee for that same dog or a different dog.

"End of trail" postcards will be sent to the address given during the PayPal process. If you wish the postcard to be sent to a different address please email us BEFORE MARCH 1ST at SPKDogLog@gmail.com