Chica Wins Fan Club Draw

Congratulations to Becky Pacas who has won this week's draw. Becky is a fan of CHICA.

Chica, like all of us, is getting older. Can you believe it? She’s 9?! She is back in harness and still loves to zip down the trail. We don’t know what exactly we’ll expect from her or her siblings this season. Today Chica is running in the Two Rivers 100 with the youngest five of her kids, which is very exciting on both counts!

All we can say is... Chica is a Super Star!

As today we have three teams running in the Two Rivers 100/200 Becky's packet will include some TRDMA merchandise and other kennel goodies.

The first Yukon Quest themed fan club draw is will be 5 February and the winner will get a Yukon Quest poster signed by both Aliy and Allen along with a few other kennel goodies. If you haven't already won this season or if you are a new member your name will be in the next draw. NOTE: you can win more than once if you are a fan of more than one dog!

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