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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bonus CB300 Dog Fan Club Draw

To celebrate the Black Team's fantastic win in the Copper Basin 300 we did a bonus draw for all the Fan Club members that are fans each individual Black Team member. Congratulations to Teresa Clark from California who is a fan of Schmoe!

Teresa wins a Copper Basin 300 poster signed by Aliy and Allen along with a few other goodies.

Thanks to all our Dog Fan Club members! The next Dog Fan Club winner will be announced on January 23th and everyone who hasn't already won and all new members will be in the draw to win.

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Anonymous said...

Woof, woof, woof!!!

Congrats Schmoe and a howl for his dog fan sponsor!!!

TC said...

Go Schmoe-dog!!!

What a great race, Buddy! Go get 'em! And a howl out to all your teammates too.


Nessmuk said...

Gotta have a Schmoe Dawg on the Team!! Congrats to both Schmoe and Teresa....that is an awesome prize too!! Love the Dog Fan Club..signed my Mom up just last night...she loves SPK too!! It's a great way to show support!...and cool prizes too!

Cal OSME said...

Congratulations Teresa! (and Schmoe)

marilyn cozzens said...

Congratulations Schmoe and Teresa. Great howl there Schmoe!

Lourdes, VT said...

Congratulations to Theresa and to Schmoe!!! He is such a cutie pie!!! Hope he gets lots of treats!!!

TC said...

I'm gonna frame it and put it I'm my mountain cabin! I have an Iditarod room! Love Schmoe-Dog!

TC (Teresa)

Anonymous said...

As à fan of SPK for 16 years now, still remembering old Skunk, and freshly and increasingly a fan each new year I admire the dogs, naturally, and am fan of many and many young ones, and very much admire the many years with new teams of WINNING teams . Go Aliy, Go Allen, Go Schmoe! Well done

Anonymous said...

... Well done, Teresa , to pick this sweety heroe and congrats to the winning prize!