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Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving - Fan Club Draw #4

Congratulations to our latest winner of the Fan Club draw - Charlene Kellerman from Pennsylvania. Charlene is a fan of FIVE and wins this fantastic SP Kennel tote bag and some other goodies!

Five and his siblings had a tough start to life but they are now thriving! Five can eat… boy he can eat! He gets that from his father, Clyde, who is well known in the kennel for eating everything, voraciously. This is an excellent trait for a sled dog!

We are thankful to you all for joining the Dog Fan Club! The next Dog Fan Club winner will be announced on December 12th and everyone who hasn't already won and all new members will be in the draw to win.

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Anonymous said...

Great video debut for FIVE!

Eventually he may figure out what you mean by "high five" - but until then he's just jump on something bigger than he is!

A-town's Becky said...

LOL, Five is a little camera hog, Soooooo CUTE!
LOVE the tote...great reason to talk about SPK now matter where you go Charlene :-)
Thanks for the smiles and chuckles Five and crew.

Nessmuk said...

That was hilarious with lil Five getting the camera!! What a cute pup!! Congrats Charlene....I'm sure Five enjoyed his solo attention as I am sure you will enjoy your SPK tote bag prize too!!

Cal OSME said...

I was in NYC over Thanksgiving and just saw this.....I am super excited and just what I needed today. Thanks for all the congratulations....obviously a caring community on this blog post. And Aily, it's special to me because of our connection with Brenda E. and you dad's hometown roots. I can't wait to see Brenda to tell her. We both hope you and Allen can make it back here someday. Again, tho, my condolences on the loss of Dingle. Thanks for letting us share in your life.


marilyn cozzens said...

Congrats High Five and Charlene. High Five is so cute what a little clown. Thanks for the videos.

Linda Toth said...

Five looks absolutely wonderful - robust, happy, thick fur, solid body .. Yeah!