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Friday, November 27, 2015

Felix Wins Fan Club Draw #4

Congratulations to Kate Laine who has won this week's draw. Kate is a fan of FELIX.

Felix is the never ending energy on the team - truly an Energizer Bunny. As he matures he more and more resembles his All-Star father, Biscuit. Felix is happy to be a sled dog and shows that with his amazing ability to just keep going, and going, and going...

Kate's winner's prize pack includes one of our limited edition T-shirts and some other goodies.

The next fan club draw is on December 11th. If you haven't already won this season or if you are a new member your name will be in the next draw.

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Anonymous said...

Woof, woof, woof!!!

Good lookin' Felix is lucky, too!!!


Nessmuk said...

Congrats Kate and Felix!! Nice to know there is a "Biscuit in training" on the Team!! He looks just like him!

marilyn cozzens said...

Congratulations Felix & Kate.

Cindy Schaus said...

Gotta love the energizer bunnies..and cheerleaders...and worker bees...and "the fun police", which covers just about all of them I think. Congrats Felix & Kate.🐾🐾🐾🐾

Kathy said...

Congratulations Kate & Felix! Felix sure comes from GREAT genetics.
Biscuit definitely the best wheel dog and a duplicate looks like
him. Olivia well--top model, great mother, etc.
Enjoy the prizes Kate. Both are winners!

Steve Laine said...

Thanks SPK, Aliy, Allen! Kate will love this stuff. We are so thrilled to have received our dog booties from the Kaltag checkpoint last week as well. Best Wishes,

Laine Family