SP Kennel

SP Kennel was originally "Skunk's Place" Kennel named after Aliy's first Alaskan Husky, Skunk. We are a premier sled dog racing kennel in Two Rivers, Alaska, dedicated to the individual dog through excellent health, nutrition, training and care.

Aliy Zirkle races the Red Team and Allen Moore races the Black Team. The goals and strategies for each team vary from race to race, so any dogs may run on either team at any time.

We strive to be good-will ambassadors for the sport of sled dog racing, balancing winning performance with exceptional sportsmanship, community outreach and advocacy for the amazing Alaskan Husky.

We are a "dog first" Kennel. We put the care and safety of our dogs above everything else, including competition results.

Our breeding program is highly selective. We breed only for the dogs we want to raise, train and race. We do not breed in order to sell dog or lease dog teams. Our dogs are breed for our team. We keep every dog we breed for its entire competitive racing career.

After a racing career - whether it be long or short - our dogs retire and are placed in carefully screened and selected homes. The dogs then live out the rest of their lives in situations and homes that are suited to their personalities and traits. Many of our dogs transition "to a couch" life easily. Active dogs who still need to run -- but not the number of miles involved in our racing program --- we place with highly qualified "dog first" recreational mushers world wide. These retired Iditarod and Yukon Quest veterans spend the rest of their lives doing what their genetics have taught them in a relaxed, enjoyable "pet home" atmosphere.

We make the right choices at the right times for all of our dogs!