SP Kennel Dog Sponsor Program

All SP Kennel Dogs and Puppies are currently Sponsored.

Our Dog Sponsor program is by far our most popular. We have often been asked "Why don't you allow a dog to have more than one sponsor?" But, our kennel policy has always been about bonding with our individual dogs. An individual dog, deserves an individual sponsor. Many of our Dog Sponsors have had long-term commitments to "their" dogs and have personal connections. We have no desire to lessen this connection by adding multiple sponsors.

The dog sponsor program runs on a seasonal basis, from October to April. If you are a current Dog Sponsor, we will contact you in October about renewing your sponsorship. There is a wait list for future available dogs and puppies. Please email us at SPKDogLog@gmail.com to put your name on this list.

Dog Sponsors annually receive a custom dog sponsorship package. This package varies from year to year and always includes personalized photos, cards and SP Kennel team gear. We'll share details about "your" dog's personality and quirks, giving you an insider's look at the dog in the picture. As the sole sponsor of "your" dog, your name will be displayed on all dog team cards, brochures, website posts.

In addition, if your dog runs the Iditarod or Yukon Quest, we will send you his or her unique Race Dog Tags... Truly a treasure!

Lastly, you are welcome to visit the Kennel and spend some time with your dog. If you're strong and sure footed, you can even take your dog for a walk! Sponsors who find themselves at races -- even the Iditarod Start in Anchorage or at the finish line in Nome -- will have access to their dogs for personal pep talks or congratulatory hugs!

All of our dogs are listed on The Dogs of SP Kennel Page.

Although Racing Dogs are the most likely to see action in the current season, don't overlook the Yearlings and Puppies! They are the future of SP Kennel and offer the longest-term opportunity for you to participate in the life of an SP Kennel sled dog.

There is a Become a Dog Fan Program where you can become a "fan" of your favorite dog - Click here to find out more!

People can become a "fan" of their favorite dog or dogs. For $25 fan club fee your name will be displayed on the "Fan Club Page" and every two weeks starting in October will be put into a drawing for SP Kennel Fan gear. Fans also receive a postcard from Nome (or Two Rivers) at the conclusion of the Iditarod.

-- About The SP Kennel "Dog Sponsor" Program --

The program runs on a seasonal basis, from October to April with sponsorship packets sent out starting in November.

Current dog sponsors will have first "dibs" on renewing their sponsorships by submitting funds in October or November.

Any dogs whose sponsorships are not renewed by November 15th will become available for new sponsorship.

Sponsorship of Racing Dogs and Yearlings is $500 per season. Sponsorship of Puppies is $250 for their "puppy year." Payments may be made by check or we can email you an invoice to pay by credit card (V/MC) via PayPal online.