New Website on the Horizon

We apologize for the lack of content on the Dog Log!

But... have all been scurrying around and working diligently on our NEW website.

On October 1st the new website will be active. You will be able to link to it the same as you always have - so no changes needed. Our 2017-2018 JOIN THE TEAM programs will be available at that time. Both the Red Team and the Black Team will be ready to join and we have great photo Team Certificates this season.

The website will have some new pages and information as well as the always fan favourite, SP Kennel Dog Log. We hope that you are as excited as we are. (If you think racing the Yukon Quest is hard work... trying building a new website! Yikes!)

On October 15th a entirely new Dog Page will be loaded onto the new website. That will include this season's individual dog portraits as well as 'candid' Fan Club dog snap shots. The 2017-2018 Fan Club will be open on this date. The program has been an enormous hit and therefore we will offer it again this coming season - with more Fan Club winners and more SP K Dog Biscuits!

On November 1st we hope that the new website will be complete. The final addition will be a new program to 'Get Involved'. We know that our friends and fans always want to be more a part of the kennel so we have come up with another avenue. But... you will have to wait until November.

Thank you all for you patience! SP K CREW