Lead On Workshop

Rachel, Aliy and Megan in White Mountain.

Matson and I are part of a program that focuses on reducing domestic violence and sexual assault in Alaska. Our goal was to enable youth from bush Alaska to attend an educational workshop: Lead On!

The workshop focuses on youth personal empowerment and leadership skills. It is held in Anchorage in mid November. During my trip to the Western Coast of Alaska I brought the workshop organizers, Rachel and Megan, with me.

While I spent much of my time playing with stuffed toy huskys, reading books to first graders and running Iditarod Spelling Relay Races with middle schoolers, Rachel and Megan talked to teenagers about the workshop. There is a lengthy application for Lead On! But, before we left, some youth were already filling it out. Applicants should know fairly soon if they are accepted to the program. Due to Matson’s generous contributions, several teenagers from Golovin, Elim and White Mountain should financially be able to attend.

Bonding with some teens in White Mountain.