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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Yukon Quest 2018 Sign Ups

Thus past Saturday, August 5th, Allen's official Yukon Quest entry paperwork was turned in for the running of the 2018 Yukon Quest.

As always, there is a grand celebration at both YQ Offices - Fairbanks and Whitehorse - While Allen would have loved to have been present, he and Aliy were on the train in Denali and he was not able to be in two places at one time. So, Kaz joined the YQ festivities and was Allen's "Proxy". She officially sign him up for his 8th running of the Yukon Quest.

Thanks Kaz!

It takes enormous effort to run the Yukon Quest from more than just the sled dogs and mushers. There are many people who make this race possible for Allen and his awesome team. We know that here will be many challenges, hurdles and adventurous miles ahead ~ and then the race starts!

We can never thank our YQ handling crew, support staff and kennel care takers enough for all they do in order to make the Yukon Quest happen for SP Kennel. You know who you are... THANK YOU ALL! We are looking forward to a new year and a new race.

Izzy, Allen and Mismo 2017 YQ 3rd place; Allen & Aliy at Two Rivers Checkpoint.

Kaz was also able to be "Proxy" for Aliy and signed her team up for the Yukon Quest 300. Apparently Kaz has the ability to be two people at once!


Margaret said...


Thanks you Kaz from all of us out there in FAN LAND!!!


Yukon Quest 1000 and 300 on the radar!!!

Lisa&Charlene said...

Let the games begin! YAY! Someday we are going to be at YQ to cheer SPK in person!!

Dawn Engler said...

Yay Kaz...thanks for representing and getting these two back on the list to go-go-go!!!

Kathy said...

Thanks to Kaz for signing up Allen & Aliy. You are the hero for us
SP Fans! Excited for the season.

Marilyn cozzens said...

Way to go Kaz!

Anonymous said...

Awesome we will be coming there from Texas for the start!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Kaz!! It's my FAVORITE real 1000 mile race. Go awooll doggies. Padee Fairbanksian

Anonymous said...

Great work, Kaz! Yay, SPK!!

Cindy Schaus said...

Woo Hoo! The season is just around the corner! Wow, Kaz, being two people at once must be exhausting :)

Nessmuk said...

Here we go.....the pre,pre,pre season of signing up for all the racing action! Thanks KAZ for doing your part signing the Teams up!! We are on the backside of summer and the cusp of training season.....how exciting is that!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that both Allen and Aliy are racing. Really enjoy watching any race they are in.