Monday, April 24, 2017

ID: "Aliy Cam" Onto Sea Ice

This year, as with many other years, Aliy carried a hand held video camera to capture sections of the trail she wanted to share with you all.

In this video, the forth in the series, the team steps onto the sea ice just after the checkpoint in the village of Shaktoolik, heading towards Koyuk.


Mary Alice Adams said...

Love your videos Aliy. Thanks so much!!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous day indeed!!! Just beautiful!!!

Thanks so much for the really dry wit -the "oops didn't mean to show you..." and indeed, I couldn't tell the difference between ocean and land!!!

So grateful to be able to see these landscapes, best,


Laura Sadowsky said...

Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

Nessmuk said...

This part of the race always makes me nervous....sea ice for a long distance....I yikes! No where to hide from the wind except behind the sled.....but the video does show how pretty it that moment at least! Glad this years trek over the seas ice went off without a hitch!

Dawn Engler said...

How many times can we say how much we love the videos? As many as you wanna share with us! So thank you. LOVE these videos. Poop shots and all.
Good dogs

Sally MacDowell said...

Love the videos.
Re Poop shot: Nicely formed stool, no tummy issues there. ;>)