Monday, April 17, 2017

ID: "Aliy Cam" Five Miles From Koyukuk

This year, as with many other years, Aliy carried a hand held video camera to capture sections of the trail she wanted to share with you all.

In this video, the second in the series, the team is about five miles from the village of Koyukuk, travelling through some moose country.


Susan McCandless said... were in moose country in downtown Anchorage for ceremonial start!

A-town's Becky said...

The trail seems so calm and peaceful, but I think about what is just ahead and I know it must have been challenging to keep it all together.

Great news that the lab identified the bacteria. Hopefully that will never again be an issue for SPK. Happy healthy dogs, and one tough musher!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous wilderness, lovely doggies.

Hope Mismo is all better - and thanks for the note from Chena!!!

We are so proud abd very very happy for her and thank you for making her year so much fun!!!


Best always and have fun during Spring and Summer,



Nessmuk said...

Ya got to wonder how many moose were hanging out in the willows as the Team passed by. LOL, Susan is right....moose country seemed to be everywhere this year on the trail!! Lots of river miles this year....gorgeous evening!

Kathy said...

These videos really shows what it was like for you Aliy--Thanks!
Wonderful team and fabulous scenery along the route. Have a GREAT
Spring and Summer! Hugs to the DOGS from me!

Justine Webb said...

Will we get Aliys team recap soon? Allens was posted quite a long time ago and I'd love to hear how each athlete did!

Townie 10 said...

Love all the Aliy Cam posts - thanks!