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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

ID: Tuesday Morning In Elim and On The Coast

It's 10.30am Tuesday.

Sunrise in Nome


The Red Team pulled in to Elim at 7.40am this morning, with Pete Kaiser and Michelle Phillips hot on their tail. After a fast rest they pulled out again at 9.53am and are headed for White Mountain. Aliy left a team mate in Koyuk and one in Elim, we'll let you know when we find out who they are.

The trail between Elim and White Mountain sees the teams pass through the village of Golovin. Don Bowers Jnr's Trail Notes says of this part of the trail: "This is one of the more interesting legs on the race, with quite a variety of trail and terrain in a very short distance."

Once in White Mountain there is a mandatory eight hour stop then they have their final run home to Nome. We are excited to see them some time late tomorrow morning/early afternoon. (We recalculate their estimated time of arrival at each checkpoint.)


Allen and 15 Black Team mates left Unk at 7.30am this morning after 8 hours, 15 minutes in the checkpoint. Allen will enjoy the sunrise as they travel up the coast.


Anonymous said...


Go Red Team!!!

Rosemarie Thompson said...

The dogs are doing fine, but how is our Aliy doing? She is such a brave lady. We are so excited for her, she is the greatest.

TRAVEL said...

GO,GO, Red Team, Hi, from Florida.

Lourdes, VT said...

Go Aliy and Red Team!!!

Nessmuk said...

The Race for the Top Ten looks to be heating up! Always exciting to watch a race at the end! Mother Nature is giving safe passage to Nome....so no outside forces to contend with....just racing to the finish! Go Aliy and the Red Team. Hope the dropped Team Mates are ok.....TLC is waiting for their arrival!

I look forward to seeing Allen do a little racing along the coast...the dogs will enjoy that and Im sure Allen will enjoy it too!

Cindy Schaus said...

Nice Sunrise photo - Beautiful! Go SPK Red and Black. Just a few more miles pups and mushers. Your fans are watching your every move on the tracker, videos and photos. SPK Rocks!

A-town's Becky said...

This is so exciting....
I expect a new record by Mitch,
A bit of a race for second, and a bit of a race for 5th...

however, right now, the most EXCITING part is the race for 7th!!!
Go Aliy and Red team, woohoo! I imagine you are enjoying the competition so close to you out on that trail.

Rose Lewis said...

I am so proud and astounded by how well the red team is doing despite the challenges. How are they able to do so well? ALIY ZIRKLE. Aliy you are an inspiration, especially given your personal challenges with this race after last year. Sending you and the furry four legged champions my love and admiration.

0300jh JeanneHammel said...

Go Red Team! I so love Aliy and Red Team fortitude..... keep on, just keep'in on. I so loved Aliy's Shaktoolik Insider video. I confess at the end I also got a bit choked up. Aliy will give us nothing but her true heart. GO SPK!! xoxo

A-town's Becky said...

...or 8th, or 9th, 10th or 20th. Aliy is what makes it so exciting!
Go Aliy! Go pups! Do your thing.

A-town's Becky said...

oh boy, I don't think Aliy is going to let us sleep in the morning.
Very exciting!