ID: Race Rosters

Here they are! The race rosters for the Iditarod.

Aliy will lead out with Junior and Kodiak, Izzy and Dutch in swing, Violet and Commando, Woody and Mismo, Amber and Spark, Rodney and Schmoe, Champ and Driver with Iron and Felix in wheel. She has two Iditarod rookies in Woody and Rodney. This is a climax to a stellar season for Woody.

Rodney and Woody are Iditarod rookies

Allen will take Chemo and Waylon, Chipper and Chena in swing, Scout and Lydia, Scooter and Tinder, Olivia and Willie, Hotshot and Nomex, Five and Outlaw with Scooby and Clyde in wheel. Allen has three rookies in Scooby, Five and Hotshot and his most Iditarod experienced team members are "Big O" - Olivia and Willie having both raced in six each. Scout has raced eleven 1000 mile races and Waylon nine.

Rookies Five, Hotshot and Scooby

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This ended up being a very difficult decision, especially for Allen who was still tossing up between two dogs until this morning. Experience vs enthusiasm... he went with enthusiasm.

There are a lot of great dogs back at the kennel and for various reasons they are not on one of the teams for the race. Either they have not recovered 100% from a previous injury, don't have enough miles to complete 1000 miles of racing, are not quite ready or maybe just weren't up for it this time. We appreciate a number of dog sponsors and fan club members will be disappointed but we want you to know "your dogs" have contributed to the success of the teams throughout the season and are being well cared for back at the kennel. They will enjoy spring mushing around the trails of Two Rivers and maybe even get to sleep on the bed (shhh don't tell).