ID: Go Team! Red Team Nomeward Bound


Aliy, Spark, Dutch, Amber, Junior, Rodney, Iron, Driver, Felix and Izzy left White Mountain right on time at 12.39am and are on their way home to Nome!

There is still some racing to be done and we will be watching closely as she and Peter Kaiser go head-to-head for the finish. Don't discount those behind them also - a lot can happen in 77 miles as we well know! Teams have one more hill to climb, up and over Cape Nome then hug the coastline to Nome.

The wind between White Mountain and Nome is blowing hard currently. A few of the crew took snow machines to White Mountain this afternoon and reported they had to drive through some pretty bad weather to get home. We're watching the weather forecast and hoping the report that the wind is supposed to decrease overnight is true.


In the meantime, Allen and his 15 team mates pulled in to Koyuk at 10.15pm. I'm not even gonna try to guess how long he will stay, I think I've got it wrong every time.