ID: Black Team in White Mountain

It's 9.30pm Wednesday.


Allen and his 15 team mates have pulled in to White Mountain at 8.34pm tonight. The earliest they can leave is 4:34am tomorrow morning.

Depending on what the Weather Gods throw at them tomorrow we should be expecting them mid to late afternoon tomorrow.

The eight hour checkpoint routine includes a couple of big meals and plenty of hydration. Aliy said that the cold weather combined with wind, hydration is really important for the dogs so Allen will ensure their meals are watery and they eat lots of fish snacks (these have more moisture than, say, beef or poultry skins). Allen will also get a chance to have 3-4 hours sleep at the checkpoint and, no doubt, spend some time talking with the other mushers around him.

Along with teaching a young team to run to Nome, one of Allen's other favourite things about running the "second" team in this race is he gets a chance to enjoy the fellowship of the other mushers he might never normally get to spend time with. I know that several young mushers have learned a lot from Allen through the years and appreciate his wisdom on everything from dog care, to strategy and to life in general.

We are so excited to see everyone in Nome! One more sleepless night before we can rest our refresh finger until next season.


Everyone is sleeping.


Commando and Schmoe are with us in Nome. They made their way here today.

"Hi Chris, I just ran 900 miles! It's nice to see you Schmoe

Hotshot is now out at Knik with Margie, Violet and Woody. He's not a fan of being inside so he is happy outside with his own house and his mates nearby.

Kodiak, on the other hand, is enjoying some inside time in Anchorage with Linda and Midnight. He's decided he's the King.

Mismo and Champ are still enjoying the hospitality of the volunteers out on the trail. We'll hopefully see them either in Anchorage or here tomorrow.

Aliy said Mismo was left in Koyuk due to a torn toenail. It is something that will heal just fine but he needed a few days rest to heal.