Saturday, March 18, 2017

ID: Black Team In the Dog Lot

Chemo and Chena

Pretty Chipper and Clyde

Five and Nomex

Beautiful Big O and Scooter

Scout in his day bed

Scout in his night bed; Outlaw

Brothers Waylon and Willie

Sleep Scooby; Olivia watches over daughter Lydia


We understand Tinder is on is way back to Anchorage and will hopefully be there today. We'll keep you posted.


Margaret said...

What wonderful portraits of the sleepy but rather satisfied-looking Black Team!!! Just marvelous!!! Thanks so very much!!!

Awesome "Big 'O'" pix plural!!!

And it looks as if Scout won his bet! ("If I finish you'll let me sleep in the hotel?")

Someone at SP Kennel reminded management that Waylon had spent nights with crew indoors when he won the same bet a few years ago!

Nessmuk said...

I just want to kiss them all....sleepy babies! Lol...that Five sure has a big ole block head! I think Oliva is the most gorgeous sled dog ever! Makes me smile seeing them all relaxing!

Dawn Engler said...

Is it just me that has the hardest time remembering all the dogs and their names? Sigh.

Love em all, no matter who they are!

Anonymous said...

And do you remember who kissed Happy where after she finished the race?

TRAVEL said...

Love them All, have a GOOD rest, You did Very Well.
Hi, from Florida, Brita

tmcaleer said...

Dawn, I have the same problem remembering names! I don't know many people do it!!

Cindy Schaus said...

It is so great to see the dogs resting and recovering. I love seeing them excited and ready to race, love seeing them in action on video, but it is also good to see them having a well deserved rest.

Chipper is so pretty, Olivia is stunningly beautiful. Nice stretch Nomex! Waylon & Willie, I've had your song in my head since I saw you arrive together in Nome. And Scout, with your years of experience and leadership at SPK, you have definitely earned a night bed inside. I would also like to give them all a big smooch.

Anonymous said...


Margaret said...

PLEASE remember that almost all the female dogs, it appears, except for Glamour Girl Olivia, did not have advance notice to know they would have the paparazzi show up for close-ups so soon!!!

The boys all look very proud of themselves.

Olivia was determined this year to: 1)Finish the race and 2)Get a great portrait out of Moira!!!

Which she did (as well as lovely profile, too, watching over Lydia).

Chena must have been doing her Greta Garbo imitation...

Padee McCrery said...

Great pics and tails.
yep Scout returns to his post (the indoor Bed post that is)
Way to go Honky Tonk Boys... Willie you surprised us ALL.
What a difference a Day makes. Terrific job crossing the FINISH line all of YOU! Grateful
Padee Fairbanks

Kathy said...

Olivia picture with Lydia is so precious. Clyde Mr. Pretty Boy!
The wonderful Waylon & Willie--Nice job Moira!!! Great Team!!
Thanks Allen & Aliy and everyone at SP Kennel!!!