ID: Black Team Home in Nome!


It was so thrilling to see Allen, Scout, Chena, Chipper, Lydia, Willie, Waylon, Scooter, Chemo, Olivia, Nomex, Five, Outlaw, Clyde and Scooby cross under the burled arch at 1.24pm this afternoon.

Tinder was the dog Allen left behind in White Mountain and he will hopefully be with us later today. Don't worry, we've saved some salmon for him. He got a touch of the "runny bum" and wasn't eating so well so Allen thought it best he stop in White Mountain.

The wind was blowing pretty hard and the sun was shining. Welcome to Nome.

Here are a few pictures from earlier this afternoon.

At the first road crossing

At the first road crossing

Second road crossing into Nome

Second road crossing into Nome

Allen said a quick "Howdy" on the way by

Allen with Mark Nordman, Lead dogs Scout and Chena

Clyde is pretty satisfied with another good job done, Scooter enjoys her salmon

Two year old rookies Five and Scooby settle in for a good, long sleep