Saturday, February 25, 2017

Moira, Quito and a Hamburger!

Once upon a time, in the little town of Two Rivers, the adventure of a lifetime began!

With the Iditarod approaching fast, Moira and Quito lead a team out for the fun community event - the "Burger Run". They left Pleasant Valley Store at a little after 11 today for a 30 mile run to Angel Creek Lodge. The Fairbanks area is now under a winter weather warning, but although it was warm, the start was BEAUTIFUL! The weather held off for the start but snow started coming down about half way though.

Padee and I headed out the road and were able to get some nice video and photos. Then, she and Chris took the dog truck out to Angel Creek to meet Moira and the team for their kibble, meat and hamburgers. (I believe the hamburgers were for the humans, but you never know!!)

The team gets a meaty-watery pre-race snack; getting ready

Moira had a wonderful time getting out on the runners before she is once again tethered to the computer for the duration of the Iditarod.

Bootying; Lead dogs Nacho and Quito

- Kaz

Video and more to come tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Jax! It is a marvelous post! Sure was a fun day.. lucky the race was Saturday. Sunday it would have covered the dogs and all we could have seen was dog tails. Thanks again. Way to go Moira and Quito, and Nacho!
Padee Fairbanks

Mary Alice Adams said...

Beautiful! Sounded like a lot of fun. Hope you enjoyed your burger, Moira.

Charlene&Lisa said...

Yay Moira and team!

Cliff Michel and Family Sponsors of Junior said...

This is so great to see Moira run the SPK superstars!

Steve Parker said...

Beautiful. The dogs and Moira deserved a fun day. Quito and Nacho - just special.

Margaret said...


Can't thank you enough for this extra special news flash!!!

Congratulations to all on the R (rosy cheeks)and B (The Bomb) TEAM and how can you miss with Quito and Nacho leading the charge???


Barb, CO said...

These are such lovely pix of Moira, Quito and Nacho. What a great day they must be having!

Holly Freeman said...

Love that pic of Moira with Nacho & Quito!

Dawn Engler said...

Definitely a picture to frame there Moira! Hope you had a super time and the burger was yummy!

Can't wait for next week even though I won't be there this year, my heart is with you all!

Nessmuk said...

Ditto to all the above....I too love that pic of Moira with Nacho and Queen Quito! You folks deserve some FUN in the middle of all the big race activities...and it looks like you got it!

Sunny said...

I am smiling - and smiling - and smiling. Thank you for sharing what a fun day and the pics. Moira - the picture with you and Quito and Nacho is marvelous. Go, girl, go. SPK helps all of us be a part of the sport and you are a big part of that.

Marilyn cozzens said...

Wow, Moira what an awesome picture of you & Quito and Nacho. Looks like you had a fun race. Enjoy the burger!