Friday, February 24, 2017

ID: Blood Draw and ECG

Yesterday afternoon we took 44 dogs to have their blood drawn and ECGs completed ready for the Iditarod. All dogs that start the race, either the Ceremonial or the Restart, must be approved by Iditarod Head Vet Dr Stu Nelson and his team as fit and healthy enough to start 1000 miles. (Of course, there are vet teams at every checkpoint along the way to assess their fitness and health enough to continue.)

Chena has her ECG; Rodney gets blood drawn, Woody has his ECG

We follow Izzy in this video as she has her blood drawn and the ECG done and listen as Sabrina and Tabitha explain what they are doing.

Thanks to the team of volunteers vet techs who travel to Fairbanks to do the testing for all the interior's Iditarod teams. They are all so caring and gentle with our team, especially the nervous-nellies that need some extra calming.

Back L-R: Allen, Wendy, Sabrina, Harmony and Tabitha; Front L-R: Moira, Aliy, Spark (1), Spark (2) and Laura - thanks to Samantha also


Cliff Michel and Family Sponsors of Junior said...

Hearts are pumping; blood is circulating; the SPK team is rocking. Burled Arch, here we come! Go Aliy! Go Dawgs!

0300jh JeanneHammel said...

This is so very interesting, I learned something. Thanks for sharing!

Heidi Phillips said...

Awesome and so exciting! Can't wait for the Iditarod to start next week.... wish I could be there this year!!!!
Glad there are such great tests that are done on the k-9 athletes to ensure they are fit and ready to rock it down the trail.



Toni Tadolini said...

Thank you for sharing the extensive testing that is done on each of the canine athletes. This should assure those who feel that sled dogs are over-taxed in these long distance races. These dogs are fit and well-conditioned for the task. BTW, do the mushers have to have such screening?

HGR693 said...

A group of AWESOME people!

Barb, CO said...

Thanks for this and thanks to those fabulous staff. We are ready, too.

Nessmuk said...

Its great you have 44 SPK atheletes to choose from to formulate your Iditarod Teams!!! The only down side is you can only take 2 Teams of 16...I bet you agonize over the final much wonderful talent at SPK!!!

I cant believe we are only a week out from the big dance!!! My goodness the season "raced" by quickly....too quickly!

Anonymous said...

HA Ha!!! Got the joke!!! Spark (1) and Spark (2) is because Spark posed in profile and everbody else was head on looking at the camera!!!