Two Rivers 100 Red & Black Team Wrap-Up

Waylon doesn't look like much but he is tough, intelligent, strong and dedicated. Losing a toe over the summer didn't even slow him down and he was still barking to go at the last checkpoint.

Quito is the best dog in the world even at 10 1/2 years old, it is always a pleasure to be around her and run with her.

Violet is sweet, cuddly, fast and relentless. I haven't been able to work with her nearly enough this year because Aliy and Allen are always running her.

At the start line - do you think Sandy is ready?

Don't let Sandy's looks fool you. She is a great little dog about half the size of her bothers Driver and Woody but doesn't lack anything in strength drive and speed. (I was going to correct that typo but it seems fitting to keep it as it is - Moira)

Woody is still my boy. He came up with a bit of a sore paw so I dropped him off with Wes at the Two Rivers Lodge just because I didn't want it to get any worse. He is still excited and I hope he joins me on many future runs.

Willie hasn't had much a chance to run this year but I was really happy to have him on my team. He was still happy and wagging his tail when we got the finish line and could have done another 100 miles.

Bruno is STRONG! He amazed me this race because he never once felt sorry for himself or thought about slowing down. He still has to learn how to poop on the run but that will come with time.

Barista is a hard driving little dog. Since the time she was a puppy she has been a little bulldozer always running off into he deep snow and pushing so fast that her brothers and sisters couldn't even catch up with her.

McCaw is turning into an impressive dog. He's one of the biggest dogs in the yard and has strength to match. And although right now he as some problems keeping his mind on the trail and the task at hand, he was very important asset in this team.

Creamer was behind on miles because of an issue earlier in the year so I planned before the race even started to drop her at the Two Rivers Lodge. But, when we got there she was still strong and happy and wanted to continue. I wanted to make it a positive experience for her so I dropped her off anyways but I believe she could have finished the race with me and down well the whole time.

Decaf and Perky - these two brothers have an unbelievable amount of energy. They're loud, excited and they drive really hard. Perky is a little more focussed when we are running but they both have a lot of potential and power.