Thursday, January 19, 2017

CB300: Video Wrap Up

To close the 2017 Copper Basin 300 chapter, here are the team videos!

Black Team leaving the start chute, into Sourdough and crossing the finish line.

The Red Team leaving the start chute and crossing the finish line. Watch for Spark at the start line.

The R&B Team leaving the start chute.



Margaret said...

Thanks so much for this video of the R&B's "embarking" with I think it looks like Chena in the first "team" pair" with Woody???

They all went thru a lot, but thank you Chris for giving this wonderful group (Scout aka "Mr. Cool" and Scruggs as well as Olivia and the youngsters}an exciting run!!!


Ruth said...

WOW - Thank you very much. This is another one to be watched over and over.

Lisa&Charlene said...

Love it, love it, love it!

Kathy said...

Great Wrap Up! Love the videos! Looks like strong teams. Gave
the youngsters lots of a chance to step up and they sure did.

Anonymous said...

What about the R&B team individual dog notes?

Anonymous said...

Upon awakening this morning, I checked the Red Team video, and wow Spark took a proverbial "nose dive" didn't he???

Thanks ever do much for the awesome coverage and a big WOOF WOOF WOOF for the youngsters who made us all proud!!!



Anonymous said...

And monster performance by the Black Team, youngsters and slightly less young youngsters!!!

WOOF WOOF WOOF!!! And a WOOF!!! to musher Allen!!!


Thanks a million again for all the magnificent posts, video and analysis - the season is going to be awesome!!!

Best always,


Nessmuk said...

LOL...Spark you lovable lug...did you fall on your face at the start??? Don't worry....we didnt see that!

Thanks for the video wrap ups!! Always nice to see the Teams in action!

A-town's Becky said...

Thank you for the awesome race reviews and the fantastic videos.
I am so proud of all three teams, and it is so exciting to hear about their adventures and see them through video.
Thank you for all your sacrifice.
Go SPK, you're all awesome!

Hey, was that Violet sneaking up to give you some love at the end of the trail?

Barb, CO said...

The amount of tail wagging high spirits never fails to lift my own. Thank you so much for these clips.I do not know how you do it - take care of so much, do so much, and still have time to show us what you are doing. You are all totally awesome.

tmcaleer said...

My guy Kodiak up front with the black team - so happy to see the snow, excitement and smiles. Lots of work and preparation to get here!! Lovely start to a new season.