Friday, December 2, 2016

Chipper Wins Dog Fan Club Draw

Congratulations to Mary Duffy who has won today's Dog Fan Club draw. Mary is a fan of CHIPPER.

As you saw earlier... IT'S SNOWING!!! And, it's been pretty chilly in Two River this week also! So, in celebration of that, Mary will receive an SP Kennel beanie to keep her ears warm plus some other kennel goodies.

For such a wee little dog, Chipper is a handful! If we can keep her from losing her 'beans' and focusing when she needs to… she will again be the Rock Star that we know she can be.

Our next draw will be December 16th and everyone who hasn't already won and joined by then will be in to win!

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Nessmuk said...

Congrats Mary and lil Chipper!! Nothing shows pride like wearing an SPK Beanie!! Enjoy!!

Marilyn cozzens said...

Congrats Mary and Chipper. Enjoys your goodies. SPK hope you get lots & lots of snow, the soft white fluffy stuff!

Margaret said...


This is a link to a song by "pointers" but Alaska Huskies from FIRE litter do it, too - maybe it rubbed off on Chipper, too!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mary and Chipper! Yeah she gets an extra treat no one else does
Queen for a Day!
Padee Fairbanks

Kathy said...

Congratulations Mary and Chipper! She is a real winner and good
pick. Enjoy!

Mary Duffy said...

Oh YAAYYY!!!!! Thank you so much!!

Mary Duffy said...

Ohh YAAAYYYY Thank you so much!!! GOOD GIRL CHIPPER!!!!