Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Training Photos

We have two inches of snow on the ground. This has helped the dogs feet, enabled them to "dip" and stay hydrated and generally improved everyone's attitude! Of course, a little more snow (or even a lot) would be very useful. But overall the training schedule has been very steady. The adults Racers are at the same mileage, speed and endurance levels as they have been for the last few years. The Yearlings are now running in two teams and have learned a tremendous amount. They are currently ahead of schedule. The Mature dogs are running shorter 'fun' miles to keep happy and healthy.

Here are two photos from yesterday while we ran a 3 hour training run with the dogs pulling an ATV 4 wheeler. They don't seem to mind as long as they get to run. As a musher, I have to admit my bum got a little chilly.
This was a 13 dog team: Junior, Dutch, Mismo, Woody, Izzy, Schmoe, Scruggs, Violet, Ginger, Daisy, Wedgy, Rodney and Scooby.


Nessmuk said...

Hope you all get more snow! Team does look HAPPY!! More snow would make them (and the Musher of course) even more Happy and comfortable! Been unseasonably warm here in the Adirondacks...perpetual mud season...ughhh!! Let it snow or at least let it freeze!

Heidi Phillips said...

The snow looks so nice and look at those dogs; they look happy, happy, happy!

Thanks for the update Aliy.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the news - and doesn't Ginger look so muture with her "dipping" snow facial!!!



Marilyn cozzens said...

More snow, more snow. Great looking and happy dogs. Thanks for post.

Cindy Eckhoff said...

Happy training doggies! Hoping for more snow to make it easier. Great to see the progress of the young ones!!

Dawn Engler said...

Whoop, whoop! Yay yearlings! Ahead of schedule...must be the theme...go dogs, go snow, good to see! Thank you

Barb, CO said...

I *need* these pics of dogs with their tails held high and happiness on their faces. Thank you.

tmcaleer said...

So nice and what a beautiful sky in the last photo.

A-town's Becky said...

Awesome to see the snow,
I hope it continues to fall for you in Two Rivers.
Quite a range on the team.
I bet Violet was excited about following those amazing leaders in front of her.
I see you dipping Violet, good dog!
Get that cold drink when can.

Sina Alacano said...

We visited Alaska this late summer and you hoped on the train to educate us on your sled dog racing kennel. We enjoyed your presentation very much. I am following your website via the postcard you handed out.
Appears as though you need more snow. Have fun training and we wish you good luck.
Take Care up in Alaska from Reno, NV.

S and L

Sina Alacano said...

We visited Alaska this summer and you hoped on our train to educate us on your premier sled dog racing kennel. We enjoyed your presentation very much. I am following you via the postcard that you handed out.

Looks like you need more snow. Good luck and have fun.

Take Care up in Alaska from Reno, NV.

S and L