Saturday, October 8, 2016

We'd Love You to Join the Dog Fan Club!

The Dog Fan Club has been a much enjoyed recent feature of the SP Kennel Dog Log. Thanks to all who have shown your support to your favorite dog or dogs over the last three seasons.

We've updated the Fan Club cards with casual photos of the dogs and cleared the rosters ready for our new season.

Every two weeks during the season we will randomly draw a winner. If that's you, you'll receive a beautiful "glam shot" of your winning dog along with some kennel goodies. Last year the prizes included merchandise from the Two Rivers Dog Mushers Assoc, CB300, Yukon Quest and Iditarod, SP Kennel swag, and sponsors products.

And, your winning dog gets to enjoy some extra treats from the "Fan Club Biscuit Barrel". (Just quietly, often the whole yard gets to join in on the treats.)

The first draw will be October 21st!

Click the button below for more information and instructions on how to join:

Click this button to take you directly to the Dog Fan Page.


Chark656 said...

I was lucky enough to be a winner and love my prizes....sign up today!

Charlene K
Erie, PA

Cindy Schaus said...

Hooray! i agree, it IS a much enjoyed feature. The blog is picking up momentum and making the season come alive. Love it! Thanks so much.

Nessmuk said...

Tell everyone you know....the SPK Dog Fan Club is FUN with cool prizes all through the season!! The Fan Club is the perfect companion to cheering for SPK all season long!!

Ingrid said...

I couldn't resist and chose Bronze. So cute and may well do great things in the future, thanks to genetics of Mom and Dad.

Marilyn cozzens said...

What happened to Gold on fan club poage? Yes the prizes are awesome.

SP Kennel Crew said...

Good spotting, thanks Marilyn. Fixed now!