Friday, August 12, 2016

A Few Days of Summer Left

The rain has been constant in July and August in Interior Alaska. But, there have been one or two nice sunny afternoons. Our Alaskan Huskys certainly are not accustomed to the heat that these rare rays of sunshine bring - so they hide as much as they can. No "basking" for these doggies!

Biscuit nibbles on his chew toy; Schmoe hides from the sun.

Dutch rests as far out of the sunshine as possible; Perky seems rather relaxed!

SP Kennel dogs have been shedding their fur for much of the summer. Some dogs "blow" their coats in one quick weekend while other seem to take a little longer to lose their fur. We brush the dogs whenever they need it and sometimes we can even recruit some help.
Earlier in the summer, the Voiles Family visited the kennel. The spent much of the afternoon grooming Scruggs and Chena. Thank you very much girls!

Chena and Scruggs get some extra grooming TLC.


Anonymous said...

Haha, yes 1 of the very few Hot days this year. Cute girls doing a fun job, I bet Chena loved the attention. Thanks SP and Aliy.
Padee Fairbanks

Anonymous said...


Wow!! All afternoon being groomed - the SP Kennel spa treatment!!!

I have tears in my eyes seeing Chena and Uncle Scruggs getting all of that attention and loving!!!

Thanks so much for letting us know,


Margaret & Al

Gaye Morgan-Walton said...

I can imagine! My dogs tseem to shed 24/7/365 but it does slack off a little in the real hot summer.If I was there I would have joined the girls.Love to groom an appreciative dog!And gosh, Perky is so big and mature looking for not quite a year old yet. Wow. A very handsome dogster.

Carol said...

Isn't it amazing how dogs find shady spots?!

Nessmuk said...

Im just like an Alaskan Husky when it comes to the sun...always first to find some shade!! Wow...Perky looks like a full grown dog....when did that happen!! Time ticks on for us all....soon these "dog days" of summer will be behind us as we roll on into the fall! Oh, and what a wonderful task for the Voiles Family...gotta love brushing they loved it...and the dogs too!!!

Cindy Schaus said...

Schmoe!!!! So photogenic. I enjoyed watching him this past season as he caught the camera eye on many occasions during the Iditarod. Love seeing all of them getting some R&R and spa treatment before the season begins,

tmcaleer said...

Funny you bring this up, I wondered how you managed with so many. It is a job with my two but thankfully they enjoy a good bath with out screaming as I have experienced with some of my prior sibes.

So slammed this summer with unexpected major issues at my office but I would love to come up just to help you with this summer task next year. I have developed great techniques through the years! It is a fur in the face kind of job!! Haha!

Chark656 said...

I'm with Gaye....I can't believe how big Perky has gotten! Imagine my fun last summer when my Golden Retriever decided to blow her about fur EVERYWHERE!! If you want some of our heat, you can have it....90+ with heat index of over 100. Of course, in a few months we will all be complaining of the cold and snow. Thanks for posting Aily!

Best wishes,

Lisa & Charlene
Erie, PA

Anonymous said...

No doubt about it -- DUTCH is one handsome boy!


Kathy said...

Surprised Perky is actually not on the move! Thanks to the groomers
for the Great Job and Thanks for the posting of what is happening
at the kennel. Loving it!!!

Anonymous said...

Perky's all grown up!