SPK Red Team Finishes Third!

Bummer about the live video stream being down for the Red Team finish, but they've posted the replay and show the team looking great as a large crowd cheers them in!

No matter what, Aliy always has a smile and wave for her fans, especially the young woman in the front row wearing a bright red SPK beanie!

Aliy gave the media their due, with some heartfelt and introspective comments. She said every dog had its ups and downs during the race, but they all came together as a team. After a pause she added, "So did I."

Just before leaving the burled arch finish line area, Aliy posed with Scout and Mismo, her main lead dogs for this fantastic race.

Now, as promised, all the dogs are in their beds, ready for nice longs sleeps and tender loving care... Good dawgs!!!

That's all I've got to share for now. Moira will post at length once things have settled down. We're also anxious to see Allen and the Black Team take their turn crossing the finish line... Go SPK!