Wednesday, March 9, 2016

ID: Wednesday Morning

Good morning all!

Not a lot to tell you this morning as both teams are now into Takotna and it looks to us like they are both taking their 24 hour rest.

Aliy and the Red Team got in to the checkpoint at 9.59pm last night and, with their time differential of 144 minutes added, they will leave sometime around 12.23am tomorrow morning.

Allen and the Black Team arrived into Taktona earlier this morning. As I write this the Current Race Standings have not been updated with their arrival time but looking at the tracker we think it was around 4.45am(ish). With their time of 160 minutes they will leave approximately 7.30am tomorrow morning.

It will be so nice for them both to see each other and the dogs, and have some time together to discuss the race.

Of course, other mushers and their teams continue to run the race but we are all taking a break from the tracker for a while to get some other chores done!


Anonymous said...

thanks Moira for the update. that's what it looked like. no way to tell for sure. Hope all is well at the kennel. You rock. Hugs to the pups. Rest well All!
Padee Fairbanks
tracker watching in Calif.

A-town's Becky said...

Ha ha, today is a great day for errands too.

Black and Red Teams enjoy your much deserved rest and family reunion in Takotna!

I'll be working tonight, when you hit the trail again; however, I will certainly be thinking about all of YOU.

SPK support crew, you're the best!

Mary W said...

Thank you for the updates!!!

wrangell86 said...

THANKS for the blog. Enjoying reading/viewing all of it! Is anyone talking about married couples running this race? There are other couples, right? Rose Nikiski, AK