ID: Very Quick Saturday Afternoon Update

We have had it confirmed the CLYDE is the dog Aliy left in Nulato. We have been in touch with the vet team at Iditarod HQ and we've been assured his injuries are minor.

He's on his way back to Anchorage where Linda will be waiting for him to give him all the love and attention he needs. Knowing Clyde all he'll want is a big bowl of kibble!


Aliy and the Red Team have continued on, have passed through Kaltag and are camping on the trail 25 miles out. At this stage she hasn't spoken of the incident and she is in the best possible place right now, camping with her team.

The video of the team through Kaltag shows Dutch and Chipper in lead, Kodiak and Mismo in swing, Scout and Chemo, Willie and Izzy, Waylon and Scruggs, Felix and Schmoe with Sandy and Commando in wheel. They looked happy and full of beans and Aliy looked motivated and determined.


Allen and the Black Team have left Galena at 1.16pm this afternoon after staying there just under five hours. He still has 14 team mates with him.

There are many, many news reports of the developing story. Please keep an eye on the Iditarod website for updates. I'm about to hop a plane for Nome and will catch-up later this evening.