Friday, March 4, 2016

ID: Thanks Matson

Matson, formerly Horizon Lines, has been a sponsor of SP Kennel since 2006 and we are celebrating the 10th year with them. We truly appreciate their support through thick and thin, and think of them more like family than a corporate sponsor-to-sponsoree relationship.

Wednesday evening Aliy, Allen, Mickey, Doug and Moira joined the Alaska team for dinner. Aliy and Allen told some fun (and some wild) stories from the trail and we showed a few videos and slideshows. It was a lovely, relaxed evening shared with good friends.

Friday morning we took Junior, Chica and Scruggs to visit the offices down at the Port of Anchorage and say hello!

Junior was full of energy, Chica was (as normal) pretty relaxed and lay down for a bit of a rest and Scruggs was charming!



J elliott said...

Absolutely great! All the Matson people appeared to enjoy the visit tremendously.

SPK, Crew, (including Aliy & Allen. ;-) - ) four leggers - all of you work so very hard.

Thanks for sharing!

Watching from New Mexico.

tmcaleer said...

Excited for you all, have a fun time meeting all the fans and catching up. Everyone looks great, thanks for the photos SPK team!! Great job!!

Anonymous said...

Junior is a big star now! Glad they had a good time.
Thanks to all the sponsors for keeping GREAT mushers and Teams on the trail!
Padee Fairbanks

Linda Toth said...

Ah Ha! I did see Chica among the dogs dropped at Cantrell - Looked to me like Quito was there too.

wendy brightman said...

New jackets look nice! Watching Iditarod start from Seoul, s.Korea this year.

Marilyn cozzens said...

What a fun time & a big thank you to all the folks a Matson. You truly picked a fantastic kennel to sponsor. Junior knew how to pick a good spot for a quick nap!

A-town's Becky said...

Thank you Matson.