Monday, March 7, 2016

ID: Returned Dog Update

Mac is now at our "Returned Dog Coordinator" Linda Steiner's house after a plane ride from Finger Lake back to Anchorage. He is feeling well now, he simply overheated and Aliy thought it wasn't a good idea to keep running him. She will be disappointed as Mac is an important part of this team but she will always do what is best for her team mates.

Mac will spend a few days resting in Anchorage and then he gets to go out to Margie's kennel situated in Knik for more TLC.

Mac getting some love from HQ based vet Erika Friedrich; awaiting pick up


Judy in VA said...

So glad to hear that Mac is okay. Still, I think it was a good call on Aily's part to take no chances. That's what I love about SP Kennel: care (and love) of dogs comes first!

I continue to love the new Iditarod Live feature. Seeing my two favorite teams in real time is beyond awesome! Also, a special thanks to SPK for the wonderful commentary, pictures and videos. You're the greatest!

Dawn E said...

Oh Mac...Too warm for you buddy. Go "chill" for a bit. Your teammates are saying "We got this!"

A-town's Becky said...

Woohoo, Aliy into Rohn!
You better find yourself a tracker Mac.
Munch biscuits and watch the tracker Big Mac.

Deb said...

Bless Big Mac-daddy's heart! Just love and so admire Aliy's strength, resolve, and character to always without fail or hesitation, put the well being of her dogs first and foremost. Feel better soon Mac!

TRAVEL said...

Great Mac is resting.
Aliy have a great race with your dog team.
Brita from Florida

Anonymous said...

Love you, Mac!

A-town's Becky said...

Tracker Break Trivia

This question in honor of Aliy’s Bib #13

Which team of 13 dogs made it all the way to Nome in the fastest time?

I’ll post the answer when Aliy arrives in Takotna.

Since Aliy went through Rohn, we can expect her to rest her team at least once before Nikolai. So, if you aren’t working or sleeping (which would be very smart), instead of beating up your tracker, you can give it a break, and ponder the answer.

Anonymous said...

I feel so bad that the stupid weather was too hot for Mac. I'm sure he is very disappointed that he didn't get to run the entire race. I hope he gets lots of love to make up for his disappointment. Maybe there will be some cute girls in Anchorage to hang out with.

J elliott said...

He looks soooo displaced - like "what did I do wrong?"

You did everything right buddy, everything - huggzz from gurldawg n me in NM...

Kristie Lent said...

From my Mac to yours, we are glad to hear that he will be okay! Big paws up for doing right by your dogs always! Good luck!

Nessmuk said...

Mac Daddy....relax....enjoy the love! Glad to hear it was just the heat...that's an easy fix!

Anonymous said...

Gave it his all, sweet. Mac, and now he can be proud of himself and cheer them on.

lynn said...

He knows they left without him. Just look at his eyes-ears. Getting overheated is serious-Mac. With Alaska temps warmer--day--rests and nite--running sounds better for the dogs. Great decision.

Jennie B. said...

So glad Mac is alright. Thank you Aliy, for taking such good care of these kids. It has to be a really tough decision in a race like this to drop any dog from the team and the fact that you care about their health makes me a even bigger fan of yours. Sorry, Mac! Next time, buddy. Go, go, go Aliy and team!!

Anonymous said...

Mac we love you!!!

Don't wonder why, don't think you did anything wrong...if dogs are at all like people, dehydration sneaks up on you and then WHAM a pounding headache, etc.

Kudos to Aliy for taking quick action (report of putting Mac in the bag - must be a really big bag!!!) and trying to keep him from over-heating in the early going).

As others have said, this is an example of why we love SP Kennel!!!



Anonymous said...

A-town's Becky:
In 2015, Aliy finished with 13 dogs in 9 days, 4 hours 44 min 25 sec
I remember thinking she had a lot of dogs coming in, which means a lot more paws, legs, bodies, and mouths to care for.
It looks like a typical team is 9 or 10 dogs.

Sandy H

Kathy said...

Glad to see pictures of Mac! He's a big dog with a big heart!
Soon he will have another kennel buddy. As usual they always
do what is best for the dogs! Love you Mac Daddy!

A-town's Becky said...

Sandy H,

You are right.

Which team of 13 dogs made it all the way to Nome in the fastest time?

One was Mac!!!

Aliy has arrived in Takotna, so I'll post the full answer here
and on the Tokatna ID Red Team update page.

The team of 13 dogs who made it all the way to Nome the fastest was: the SPK Red team: Scout, Quito, Nacho, Scruggs, Scooter, Willie, Chica, Mac, Mismo, Waylon, Izzy, Schmoe, and Clyde.

They were accompanied by their musher Aliy Zirkle, and assisted in the earlier portion of the race by their teammates, Sissy, Nelson and Outlaw.

Their time was 9 days, 4 hours 44 minutes and 25 seconds.
SKP Rocks


Anonymous said...

Poor Mac.... you can see in his eyes where he really wants to be. I'm sure Aliy is missing HIM big time too. Ruth