Wednesday, March 16, 2016

ID: Leaving White Mountain With 14 Dogs

Allen still has 14 Black Team members with him as their hit the trail from White Mountain. They left right on time at 6am this morning.

Quito, Lester, Nacho, Amber, Champ, Chena, Driver, Iron, Junior, Lydia, Sissy, Spark, Tinder and Violet are on their way to Nome with Chica and Nomex cheering them on from Knik.

Today between visits to the dog yard and making preparations for their arrival, we'll be watching the tracker and willing them here as fast as they can go. We expect them between 3pm and 4pm this afternoon.

the Black Team leaving Willow

Run team! Run!


J elliott said...

Watched them arrive at WM on the tracker & they were coming in blazing!

Several miles out at a conservative over 7 mph - then of a sudden - over 9 mph!

Hope allen didnt get whiplash. ;-)

Well past great to see them on their final run: your relief is shared by everyone - thanks again for all the updates... speed, safety, health!

Steve Parker said...

Allen and team mates - you are absolutely incredible!! MUSH on to Nome.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Allen, Go Allen Go, will be watching as you come in on the Live feed. yelling WoooHoooo!!!!

Carrie Hopkins, Windsor, CT said...

Woo-hoo! The tracker finger isn't done working yet! Have the tracker up at work and an refreshing like crazy. Unfortunately, I'll probably be in class when they come in, but will rewind the live broadcast to see them. I expect more tears tonight. This has been the most emotional Iditarod yet and I'm already ready to order this year's video. Great job, Black Team! Let's see a strong finish! Lead your babies home, Quito!

Gaye Morgan-Walton said...

Awesome showing. And this is the "puppy B" team??? Wait 'til next year. Hurrah for SPK Black!!

A-town;s Becky said...

WOOOOP WOOOOP, go SPK Black team! You are doing awesome!
Looking great headed to Safety!

Lourdes, VT said...

Such a great race for these youngsters alongside Quito and the other great SPK athletes and Allan!!! You all are great!!!!

Margaret said...


FIVE from "the 5 litter" still on the Black Team on its last leg to Nome!!!

TWO from previous year Nacho-Olivia litter, too!!!

And Nacho's other activity included CHAMP;

And Ranger, now retired early, Dad of SISSY, as well.

For the "golf season" by Biscuit and Herself (Poquita), there's the long distance clubs, DRIVER and IRON (I assume perhaps a 2-iron? One golfer-saying is "only God can hit a one-iron")

Not to mention Chena's favourite dancing master, M. Lester. And of course, the above mentioned QUITO and NACHO.

Definitely have potential, this group of young bloods!!!

Anonymous said...

Make that fire litter - I am not known for either excellent touch type or proofreading ("What's that").


Best, Margaret

Nessmuk said...

Go Allen and the Black Team!!! SPK Superstars are being born on this Black Team trek to Nome!

Anonymous said...
More Aliy

Anonymous said...

more Aliy with video, even Scout is smiling

Marilyn cozzens said...

Blazing race Allen & Black team. Watch out next year.