Monday, March 7, 2016

ID: Black Team Re-Start in Pictures

Pre-race preparation and waiting

Ready to leave the truck; Allen is ready

Allen with Quito and Chena

Off they go with Quito and Chena in lead

Lester and Junior in swing

Nacho and Chica

Sissy and Spark

Lydia and Tinder

Nomex and Iron

Champ and Driver

Amber and Violet NOTE: my next post will have some Black Team identification tips to tell these blue-eyed, tri-colored sisters apart!


Cindy Schaus said...

Whew! Some identification tips are appreciated. Recognizing the look-alikes is not my strong point. Looks like Aliy has been resting for a while. I think she's waiting until closer to evening to start again and then blow through Rainy Pass.

Anonymous said...

Quito looks so happy to be leading another Iditarod team! Looks like the Black team is having a great race so far.

Lourdes, VT said...

Amazing photos!!! Reflect Allen love for those beautiful pups and their love for him!!!
And the same with the Red Team and Aliy!
And the same for the Red and Black Teams for you all, wonderful handlers, photographer and helpers!
You guys are GREAT!!!

Anonymous said...

Saw them come into Finger Lake via Live stream video. They all looked good. If I got them correct Quito and Chena were still in lead. Lydia and Tinder got a little tangled up at the check in. I bet Allen had to stop right away to get them untangled. Hope neither got hurt.

A-town's Becky said...

Ah, Moira,
Thank you for the fantastic Black Team pics.
Once again, I love that you gave us pics of every single dog.
Hey, and there's Allen too, LOL.
I love 'em!

Anonymous said...

Just saw Allen on the NBC Nightly News at the start in Willow taking off.

Nessmuk said...

Those is one good looking SPK Black Team!! We will be holding you to some ID goodness....I knew when these pups were born it was going to be a challange! They are doing fantastic out on the trail as well! They are certainly making us proud! Go Black Team!

Judy in VA said...

Great pictures! I especially love the pic of Allen with Quito and Chena! The Black Team seems to be doing really well as they follow their experienced leaders. Thanks to everyone involved for keeping us SPK Fans up-to-date at this incredibly busy time!

Allen and Allen, mush on!

Anonymous said...

Insider has a video of Aliy camping outside Rainy Pass....
I'm no expert like you SPK folk,
not sure I see Mac?

Margaret said...

So proud of the young Black Team - but how can they go wrong with Quito (Chica, Nacho and Lester, too) showing them the ropes!!!

Thanks so much for all you are doing for us keeping it real - ALL SP KENNEL ALL THE TIME - WOOF!!!

Donna Wiant said...

Looking good!