Thursday, March 17, 2016

ID: Black Team Finish in Pictures

Near the road crossing about five miles from the finish

Near the road crossing about five miles from the finish

How proud?

This proud!

Finish chute scenes

The tri-coloured twins - can you tell them apart (hint, check the left leg); father and son Nacho and Spark

Allen with Quito and Junior - Quito led the team the entire race

Aliy gets some love from Sissy and Lydia; Moira gives some love to Chena and Lester

Amber and Violet

Sissy-bean and Iron-man

Driver and Champ

Nacho and Spark

Chena and Lester

Tinder and Junior

Quito and Lydia


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for these and all you have done to show both teams - how wonderful was this trip for the young Black Team? AWESOME!!!

Congratulation Quito on bringing it home for them!!!

Wonderful pics, again, fondly,


A-town-s Becky said...

That's my girl Violet on the right, with the black t-shirt.
I think she was in that spot the entire race.
Chena and Sissy look particularly excited to make it to the crowd.
They all looked so strong in the short finish video.
The youngsters snuggled in their beds must be thinking, "You're taking my pic cuz I'm pretty amazing."
Yep, they are.
Thank you for the gorgeous pics celebrating the amazing accomplishment of the SPK Black Team.

Anonymous said...

Well done to both Red and Black teams! You both had challenges to overcome in this race and as always you both came through with flying colours. May you now both be able to decompress and relax! And dogs have fun running around this spring -you deserve it! Kind regards, Sheryll

Nessmuk said...

Wow...the Black Team looks so happy to be reunited to the rest of the SPK Crew!!! And thanks to the tip Moira gave, I do believe the left white leg of the twins in wheel is Amber.....right? I will have to reeally buckle down on my ID skills with the rest of this Fire Litter.....its going to be challanging, but thats part of the fun!

Junior and Quito led the whole way....WOW....go Junior!!! Good Girl! they all did good....thanks Allen for A JOB WELL DONE!

Thanks again to Moira for keeping us all informed and satisfied with a daily dose of updates and pictures. Now that the race is over Im feeling some withdrawls....but then I think....Puppies....Summertime at SPK means Puppies! That picks my spirits up a bit!

Hope you are enjoying the company of friends and family in Nome...and getting caught up on some sleep!

Cindy Schaus said...

Sweet, tired dogs. Thanks so much for the pictures of them. As much as I love watching SPK compete, I am glad all dogs and both mushers are off the trail. Enjoy reconnecting with family and friends now and talking trail stories. Thanks Moira and the rest of the behind the scenes crew for taking us along for the ride.

Tom, Cindy, Beemer & Viper said...

Allen, congratulations to you and the Black Team finishing with 14 (oops 15, including you) super athletes. Such great care and coaching by you and Black Team veterans.

Anonymous said...

Where's Scout? Oh yeah, he was thankfully with Aliy.... from Ruth

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the black team! Love that we always have two teams to follow through the Iditarod. Also love the pictures of each of the dogs enjoying a well deserved rest. Way to go guys!

obifolder said...

The most photogenic dogs on the trail come from SPKennel. I think they smile every time a camera comes into view.

Anonymous said...

Amazing job pups. Allen you are a mighty special person. Thanks for showing them a successful time to Nome. You rock it!
I will look forward to seeing everyone soon.
Padee Fairbanks

Dawn E said...

Beautiful team coming into Nome! Congrats to Allen. Thanks for sharing the trail with us all. In working on the dog lot in Anchorage, I honestly don't know who enjoyed the love more...the dogs I gave it to, or the dogs that gave it to me. Great photos.

Jean and Mike Davis, Aguadilla Puerto Rico said...

Congratulations from the armchair mushers in Puerto Rico.

Of all the coverage from Iditerod 2016, our most positive
memory described Allen stopping and helping teams
across the hidden open water hazard.

Jean and Mike Davis
PS: Greetings to Mickey and Doug

Anonymous said...

Great race Allen! You really can see how proud the pups were coming into Nome. While they all look tired in the dog lot, it is a well deserved and earned tired. As it is for Allen too! Already looking forward to seeing what these fantastic teams do next year! Congratulations!

Mary W said...


Stormy Lntz said...

Way to go Black Team!!! Atta-boy,NACHO!!

Sunny said...

Ditto what Padee said: Allen, you are a mighty special person. Congratulations getting this mix of experienced and inexperienced dogs to Nome happy and healthy and so very fast.
What a great bunch of pics. Thank you, Moira, and everyone else who helps keep us updated. Now is the time to sleep and rest and dream of next year's races. Everyone at SPK, 2-leggeds and 4-leggeds, time for lots of R+R :)

JS said...

I love Quito :)

Gaye Morgan-Walton said...

And they all lived happily ever after in warm houses with scartches, rubs, treats and love all around them!!

tmcaleer said...

Kissing all the faces, So nice to see you safe and sound in Nome Allen! So proud of you all and your team!! The work is not done as you ready to return to Fairbanks. Enjoy your time there in Nome before the push to pack up and go home.

Marilyn cozzens said...

What an amazing, beautiful, happy team arriving in Nome. Thanks Allen for a fabulous race. Thanks Moira foa all the pictures. The happiest dogs are always from SPK. Finishing with 14 dogs is stupendous. Enjoy some well deserved rest.