Saturday, February 27, 2016

White Mountains Video

Prior to the Yukon Quest, Aliy and Chris went up to the White Mountains and took a bunch of dogs for a run. Aliy took her video camera to show you around!


Anonymous said...

Ah, what a treat after working 11 hours.
Thank you for the fantastic gorgeous video.

A-town's Becky said...

I hope lots of the Iditarod trail is full of snow and picturesque landscape like this fantastic video.

But, just in case, I hope you have your reinforced four wheel drive sled and swim suit ready Aliy.

Or, at least your arms strong and ready for that "hold on for your life" handle bar.

Steve Parker said...

What a lovely ride - thanks for sharing.

Nessmuk said...

What a gorgeous place Alaska is!! Glad to see you have plenty of snow....keeping my fingers crossed for safe snow cover on the Iditarod Trail! We have nominal snow cover here in th Adirondacks and my lil team is still able to hit the trails, but it's certainly challenging...very fast trail and you have to take care applying the brake! Each time we finish a run I wonder how you all made it through the Dalzall Gorge in 2014!!!

Anonymous said...

On the same note as A-town, always keep your knees bent to brace against the bumps.

But regarding the two teams in the video, all I can say is "WOOF!!!" - such good dogs!!!



Ingrid said...

Thanks for another great relaxing video to watch.

Question: Could you guesstimate the speed your dogs were travelling in this video for us? I assume the uphill speed was less than the downhill as you explained that the drag was applied.

I am trying to visualize the speed of the team while I watch the trackers for you on the Copperbasin 300, the YQ and Iditarod.
Sometimes your speed is around 4 mph and up to 11 or 12 mph, it's just nice to image what the dogs look like loping or running at these speeds.
All the best for the upcoming Iditarod and of course we are hoping for great things to come your way!!

Marilyn cozzens said...

The dogs are so awesome, & thanks for video. Hope there is a lot of snow along the Iditarod trail. The race starts in on week. Yeah. Go Aliy, Allen & SPK.

Cindy Schaus said...

I envy you with the gorgeous scenery you see each day. Beautidul place. Beautiful dogs.