Two Rivers 200 Update

Aliy and the Red Team are on the trail towards Angel Creek Lodge for their final mandatory rest before the final leg back to the Pleasant Valley Store. They posted a run time from Two Rivers Lodge to Pleasant Valley Store of 4 hours, 25 minutes and rested there 4.5 hours plus their time differential. It's difficult to say what position they are currently in until after the last checkpoint as mushers will take differing amounts of time rest there but they are right in contention.

Chris and the R&B200 Team are also on their way to Angel Creek after spending four hours plus differential at the Store. Their run time for Leg Two was 5 hours, 14 minutes.

#8 and #27 at the race start yesterday

You'll see some pics on the TRDMA Facebook page of Chris' team and, to answer some queries, the green "collar" Lester is wearing is illuminated so people can see the team coming at night - snow machiners, vehicles etc - and it also makes it easy for the handler team to spot them coming. Mac is also wearing one on Aliy's team.

The handler team is working very hard to keep track of, and clean up after, three teams so they will deserve a huge pat on the back by the end. When you are sleep deprived it can be difficult to calculate time differentials, estimated arrival times, leaving times etc so WELL DONE TEAM!