R&B200s in 9th!!

We are so excited that Chris and his R&B200 Team finished strongly in 9th place! Their run time from Angel Creek Lodge was 7 hours 41 minutes for a total elapsed time of 31 hours, 25 minutes. He pulled in with Lester and Chena still in lead and all 12 of his team mates.

The dogs looks happy and waggy and Chris was very pleased with his race - as he should be! We're really proud of him and his team of Lester, Chena, Chemo, Woody, Wedgy, Coal, Hotshot, Daisy, Pepe, Violet, Amber and Cayenne.

Everyone has gone straight to bed after dinner (dogs had kibble and meat, Chris had chicken stir-fry) so we will get more details in the next couple days.

Thanks for following along with us for these races. It's been a fun, fast paced and successful weekend for SP Kennel.

Right: Chris with Lester and Chena (Photo credit Padee Mccrery)