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Sunday, January 10, 2016

CB300: Meiers Run Time Update

Good morning! There's a very tight race going on in the Copper Basin!

Here is a summary of the top ten fastest teams into the Meiers Lake checkpoint:

Matt Hall is capitalizing on his early starting position by turning in the fastest cumulative run times so far. Allen, Aliy and Ryne are duking it out with only 13 minutes separating their times. Veteran mushers Nic, Jessica and Sebastian are hot on their heels, and the Redingtons are both in good position for their typical late-race surges.

This is as close as it gets, folks, with plenty of nail biting, GPS refreshing, yelling at your computer and drama ahead!

I expect that most teams will take their long "six-hours plus start differential" rests at the Meiers checkpoint, but you never know what strategies these wily mushers may be running... Stay tuned!


Nessmuk said...

Wow,,,tight race indeed!!! Time to stoke up the fire, grab my SPK pillow and blanket and settle in for another day of arm chair mushing! Go Red and Black Teams!!!

A-town's Becky said...

I see you were working hard crunching numbers, while I was at work last night. Thank you!!!
I'll have to read through it all a few times, to savor, while the teams take a well deserved rest.
Great race, and
You're awesome!

Dawn E said...

Thank you so much for all the updates! Wow, tight runs. Go SP Kennel

Anonymous said...

Allen and the black team are off to the next checkpoint. Only one team in front of him so he won't have to make his way around other teams. Go black team!!

Anonymous said...

Aliy and the Red team are off behind the Black team.
Go Red team!! Go Black team!!

Steve Parker said...

I see that Allen & Aliy have left Meiers - back in the race (8:30 am Sunday MST). Go SPK!!
Magellan and all the other support: thanks for all the great updates, posts and pics. The whole crew is fantastic.
Looks like a great handler team too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the analysis. What a great bunch of competitors.

Could you comment on the temperature on your next post?

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that part of me roots for Ryne. I love that the student is giving her mentors a run for the money. It demonstrates what good teachers Allen and Aliy are. Go SPK, go Rhino Kennels

Mary Lynn Roush said...

Love the updates and analysis, thanks!! Great race!

tmcaleer said...

I root for Ryne also and for the same reasons. Her them and mentors. I think Aliy and Allen must also be so proud of her.