CB300: Black Team 3rd and Red Team 4th!!

WOOHOO! How good was that?!

We're so proud of Allen and his Black Team of Junior, Chipper, Mismo, Tinder, Nelson, Kodiak, Schmoe, Scooter, Outlaw, Commando, Clyde and Felix finishing in 3rd position. And of Aliy and her Red Team of Waylon, Dutch, Scout, Lydia, Willie, Boonie, Chemo, Spark, Scruggs, Nomex, Driver and Sandy finishing closely behind in 4th place.

With the "changing of the guard" that has happened this season, this is a FANTASTIC result for the kennel and we are delighted with how well the younger and more inexperienced team members fared this weekend. They had a steep learning curve and did so well! It bodes very well for the future (and, indeed, the present) of SP Kennel.

We are also over the moon that our "more mature" athletes Scout, Scruggs, Willie, Waylon and Boonie showed they still have it, and can still keep pace with the youngsters!

Congrats also to Matt Hall and Ryne Olson on very well executed races. Two Rivers was certainly well represented in the results. It truly is home to the best mushing in the world - well, we think so anyway.

Thanks to you all for following along with us - what a ride huh? It really makes it special when we know so many of you are right there with us even though we are scattered all around the globe! We appreciate your support.

More details and a wrap-ups to follow but now everyone - dogs, mushers and handlers will be getting some hard earned rest.