Angel Creek Update

Aliy and the Red Team have just left Angel Creek Lodge checkpoint (at 10.27am) and are on the final 60 miles to the finish line at Pleasant Valley Store. They had only 1.5 hours mandatory rest to see out there while Will Rhodes and Matt Hall had to stop for two hours. Aliy left the checkpoint in third position just 5 minutes and 1 minute behind them respectively. It will be a very close finish (we LOVE them!) with the three local mushers duking it out; with the next mushers not very far behind!!

The leaderboard has her leaving with ten team mates. At this stage we are unsure who she has left with the handler team to do the final leg in the truck. We appreciate your patience as we get this information and we will let you know as soon as we find out.

For the first 25 miles of this leg they are on the same trail as those coming from PVS so there will be some head on passing for that stretch. This is where good leaders and swing dogs come in to play and if she still has Izzy and Dutch in lead they are both relatively inexperienced up there so it will be a very good test for them.

This trail has some big climbs and they are trails our teams know well. Of course, Will and Matt's teams know them well also! So... LETS'S GO TEAM!!

Chris and the R&B200s are resting at Angel Creek and have three hours to see out before they can leave for the finish line. He's expected to leave at 12.34pm. There is limited communication out there so we haven't been able to catch up with the handler team to find out any details. We'll update you when we can.

Please keep an eye on the TRDMA Facebook Page and their website leaderboard for updates as we won't be able to post for a while. Pics and hopefully video to follow.