Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Coffee Litter Puppy Portraits


She was the first born.

Barista is the pretty girl of the litter. Her outstanding eye markings and long legs really make her a stand out.

She will often be found tromping across the field with her two brothers. She doesn’t like to be left behind!

Barista enjoys cuddling and kissing.

Barista is Sponsored by Wendy Brott.


Bean is a ball of energy.

She started life at half the size of her litter mates and has made a valiant effort at the food dish to catch up. She has been quite successful.

Bean is full of zip. She doesn’t always go the correct direction while ‘zipping’, but she does like to GO!

Bean will not sit still, so don’t ask her.

Bean is Sponsored by Sally MacDowell.

Creamer is sweet and somewhat shy.

She and Sanka are BBF.

Creamer is lighter-boned and will resemble Olivia’s side of the family.

She might hide under the dog house or go for a walk -- depends on the day.

Creamer will gladly sit and cuddle anytime you ask her.

Creamer is Sponsored by Bob & Jane Nelson.

Decaf is mellow (what a shocker, huh?)

He is not shy around the food dish. That boy can eat!

Decaf covers some ground on our daily walks.

He and Perky have a brotherly macho relationship.

Decaf thinks belly rubs are the best.

Decaf is Sponsored by Dawn Engler & Amy Baird.

Perky is, by far, the loud mouth of the litter. He screams for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all snacks in between. You can’t take a nap if he is unhappy about something.

Perky is exuberant and demanding.

He is often the first pup out on a walk.

Perky won’t sit still for loving, but he will gladly talk your ears off.

Perky is Sponsored by Suzanne and Brown Clodfelter.

Sanka is a ‘get up and GO’ kinda gal… from sleeping to ready in an instant.

She is an eye catcher with brilliant blues and a sleek dark coat. (She looks like her Uncle Scruggs.)

Sanka has more of a pensive curiosity. She will not follow unless she’s sure of the situation. Perhaps that's smart?!

Sanka prefers to play with chew toys than give kisses.

Sanka is Sponsored by Julie and Ron LaPoint.


patricia lewis said...

Such an enjoyable post. Thank you. I will be rereading this many times. What a wonderful mix of personalities that will do well on the trail. Looking forward to watching their talents shine forth. The future is bright for SP Kennel.

Margaret said...

Wonderful portraits of the Coffee Litter!!!

Thanks so much for these - Congrats to Olivia and Nacho for another adorable group of youngsters!!!

Woof, woof, woof!!! SP Kennel is the BEST!!!

A-town's Becky said...


Nessmuk said...

I love all of the new puppy pictures!! Nicely done!! Bean is so cute with that one brown eye marking....looks like Perky has the "perky upright ears"...they are SO adorable!! Another awesome litter to watch grow up to be future SPK superstars!

Barb, CO said...

So funny to read how different they are from one another. But they all have good looks in common and a steady gaze.

Cindy Eckhoff said...

Just so delicious and cute! You captured each one perfectly.

Dawn E said...

The pictures are awesome! Decaf may be mellow, but I'm betting he's keeping his abilities under wraps. Look out when he lets loose! We are so happy to be part of the family.

marilyn cozzens said...

What great pictures & write up of each puppies personality. What individuals they each are. What fun to follow them as they grow into super sled dogs. Thanks so much. Love the coffee litter.

Karolyn Bristol said...

Sounds like Perky is his mother's son! ��

Gaye Morgan-Walton said...

What adorable pupsters. You can see the dogs they are going to be starting to develop. Well worth watching! Love the variety in eyes and markings; no two are quite alike but both parents are visible here. Now eager to see the Golden Harness crew in a few more weeks! Thanks sooo much for sharing!!

MaggieMae said...

So happy to see these adorable pups! We are sponsoring Sanka and were excited to see her. She looks sleepy!

Anonymous said...

😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 Just adorable puppy portraits , love reading the puppy profiles πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

Cindy Schaus said...

They are darling! Great puppy portraits! Sanka is so striking. Can't wait to see how she looks as an adult dog.

tmcaleer said...

They are yummy! Such sweet faces each and every one of them. Would love a cuddle with the entire group!

Do you ever put both sets of puppies together to let them all play together? Puppy fest!!

patricia lewis said...

Puppy fest! Yes, a puppy fest! Gotta be laugh out loud fun. Please, please let us see that sometime. Just the thought of it bring a giggle and a smile.

Suzanne Clodfelter said...

Terrific pictures! Quite a team of adorable faces and personalities. Can't wait to watch them grow into big guys and gals. Oh, and let's get the Golden Harness litter out with them for a really wild romp! Keep the pics coming when you have time!

Kathy said...

It just doesn't get any better than this! Cute, Fabulous, Terrific!
You can just see the different personalities in there faces.
The future is like the highest star in the sky for SP Kennel.
Thanks for the pictures and can hardly wait for Sunday and Quito's

Linda Toth said...

Really, really nice portraits of these babies. What a wonderful litter - Nacho and Olivia continue their tradition of producing truly fine puppies.