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Sunday, November 1, 2015

New Portraits and Dog Cards Are Here!

We think you'll agree, Jeanne has done a fantastic job once again.

We've been wanting to do these kind of shots for ages and Jeanne pulled them off spectacularly! They show so much personality.

Take a look at how much the FIVE litter have grown!

Rodney and Ernie

Five and Ginger

Scooby and Mama Chica

We've been working hard to update the Racing Dogs' and Yearlings' team cards to incorporate our new portraits so we hope you enjoy them! We wanted to make the most of the fantastic full-body pictures so we've completely revamped the cards.

Check out the new Dogs Page for all the info about your favourite athletes and see their new portraits!

Let us know what you think and which is your favourite in the comments below. And, check out the little surprise on Quito's portrait!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful job!
Good luck to you all this year. Season starts all too soon!

Melissa Krahmer said...

Great job Jeanne! It's hard to pick a favorite. Mac's pic really shows his serious confidence. Quito's shows she is not just a Champion but also a Mom. (Although I remember an old video of her when she was just a silly girl in wheel on a training run. Time sure flies).

It's interesting to see the Mexican litter (Quito, Nacho, Chica) and see their serious knowing looks (they've seen so much) and contrast to the younger litters all crazy and excited for the future.

I think it would have been funny to also show a picture of Biscuit's rear end, since that's the side folks who meet him get to see the most. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!
Frances Sherertz

Barb, CO said...

Quito and her little babies - What is not to love? Every single one of these pictures is spectacular. Maybe you will make a photo album for us?

Mary D said...

Beautiful photos and dogs. Go Biscuit, Mismo, Felix, Commando, Scooby!

Nessmuk said...

We LOVE the new portraits!! You out did yourself Jeanne!! Wow....do you realize how much this will help us with our SPK dog identification!! Full on body shots.....who knew Waylon had a big powerful body below those antennae ears....and Mac...you are freaking gorgeous....look at that body!! Chemo you handsome boy......very muscular and sturdy!! Wow....and Clyde.....I am in awe!! Five....that is a dog with some power for sure!! Thank you SPK for the extra effort this year! Nice touch with the Golden Harness litter in Quito's picture.....well done all the way around!!

Dawn E said...

Beautiful shots! Love Quito with the puppies!

0300jh JeanneHammel said...

They all are so beautiful... the white background somehow makes them (not appear) because they ARE magestic! Looking forward to an exciting and wonderful 2015-2016 racing season!

Anonymous said...

The full body photos are wonderful. Often a dog's body is different coloring than their face and now we can get the whole package. My favorite is Clyde because he is smiling for the camera. Olivia is probably wondering why this was the year for the full body shots. Quito's puppies are a fun addition.


Ps. Waylon's litter has a typo in the birth year.

marilyn cozzens said...

Wow, I have been looking forward to the new portraits. These are just fantastic. Fabulous job Jeanne, you out did yourself. I can not pick a favorite other than my boy TINDER, however there are many in second place!! Love them all. Thanks.

Heidi Phillips said...

Fantastic job Jeanne!!! The personalities and individualism that were captured in this years portrait shoot is awesome. Choosing my favorites is really hard since I like them all, but I would have to, of course, pick Woody. He looks so focused and handsome!! I am also partial to Chipper and her daddy Biscuit. Adding Quito's pups to her portrait was a touching addition.

Great job!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you ever so much for all this fantastic, living, breathing, 3-D, full-body series of dog portraits - DOG-itized (as opposed to "digitized")!!!

We love Chena's portrait!!! Woof, woof, woof!!!

So much care taken by the 2-legged team members and their master photographer!!!

Sincerely, thank you again,


Kathy said...

Thanks to Jeannie for the wonderful photos. It is truly so hard to
pick a favorite but Waylon's and Mac's just take my breath away!
SP Kennel sure looking strong for the season!

A-town's Becky said...

And ditto to so many previous comments, wonderful!
The new shots really show off that sled racing physique!

Cindy Schaus said...

I love them all! And Quitos portrait exemplifies all that she is and has done fo SPK. The dog log is really a fun, nice, friendly place to go to. Nice job crew and photographer!

Anonymous said...

Amazing athletes, these photos are commanding, fantastic.

Gaye Morgan-Walton said...

Awesome pix and you ought to sell like baseball cards etc! I would buy the whole set in a heartbeat. BTW Scooby looks soooo much like Mama but I gather he is bigger by quite a bit; got that from Papa I guess. Such a handsome bunch of super dogs.

Linda Toth said...

Get those dogs in the show ring - okay, don't. But they look good enough to compete with any dog anywhere in looks, spirit and athleticism.