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Friday, November 13, 2015

Lester Wins Fan Club Draw #3

Congratulations to Kathy Ferrel who has won this week's draw.

Kathy is a fan of LESTER

Lester is the little man that everyone looks up to. He has been the ‘steady-as-he-goes' lead dog for several years now and despite his rather petite size and calm attitude, the younger dogs look to him for guidance. Lester is important and he knows it.

Kathy's winner's prize pack includes a mounted and signed photograph of Allen's 2014 Iditarod team along with a few other fun goodies. Coincidently, Lester was on Allen's team that year and, although you can't make him out in the photo, he was there!

The next Thanksgiving themed fan club draw is on November 27th. If you haven't already won this season or if you are a new member your name will be in the next draw.

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Dawn E said...

Congrats Kathy and Lester...hope he enjoyed his extra treats!

Patricia Lewis said...

Lester leading the team through the chute at Iditarod is a classic. "Look, it's Lester!"

Barb, CO said...

Congrats to all. I LOVE these new photos!

Nessmuk said...

Congrats Lester and Kathy!! Cool prize too!! Lester is always rock solid and his baby blue eyes are stunning!! Love his new glam shot too!!

Kathy said...

I remember Aliy saying "Look At Lester" in the finish of the
2014 Iditarod. He sure stands out in the team. You deserve
those treats Lester! I will enjoy looking at him everyday.

Cindy Schaus said...

I remember "Look at Lester" too! I'm going to go find that in the blog right now. He was getting his job done all the way to the finish line. Congrats to Lester and Kathy!

SP Kennel Crew said...

Here's the link to that "Look at Lester" video for anyone wanting to see it.


marilyn cozzens said...

Congrats Kathy and Lester.