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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fall Training Howler is Here!

Our early season fall training "Howler" is here!

We hope you enjoy reading about our puppies: the Coffee Litter and the Golden Harness Litter, as well as some history about the DogLog.

We give you a run down of fall training so far with some great tips on not only improving the fitness of dogs physically but mentally also! We want our dogs to be positive, excited and enthusiastic while they are working. How do we do that?

Click on the picture on the right to link you with a PDF version of the Howler.


Anonymous said...

Always love reading your updates!
The Ticknor family

marilyn cozzens said...

Thanks for fall HOWLER edition. It is great. The sponsor packets can't be far behind, can they? Am so looking forward to the names 0f Quito's puppies. And of course I will keep watching the Dog Log. Thanks.

Dawn E said...

Puppies!!! Love the bullet points of dog training. Just more reasons to love SPKennel

Anonymous said...

Padee from Fairbanks says-
Howllling good issue thanks.
Love how the dog-log transitioned and evolved with the fans and technology.
Ms Q's pup look so cute on that photo its a keeper.
The 2 pillows on the chair are perfect!
Happy Trails to all the SP Kennel family, wishing for more snow soon.
Thanks again ALL, keep wagging your tails.
Gee Chipper Gee.

Margaret said...

Wonderful "Howler!!!" Congrats!!!

This may be the very best "Howler" ever!!!

And what a great piece of luck that Olivia and Quito managed to come into season...for the Fall season!!! And thanks for the full view of puppy development.

I'll bet, as you intimate, volunteers come out of the woodwork and perhaps compete for Puppy Duty time!!!

Glad to hear that the 4-legged crew is training in snow/with sleds as well as ATV miles. How about some extra time on treadmills for muscle development (if the dog want to do it, of course)???

Election season is over now, so I am more able to focus on SP Kennel!


P.S. And 3 cheers to Macgellan and Moira for making SP Kennel come alive on the Internet - woof, woof, woof!!!

Cindy Schaus said...

When you posted the kennel crew last week, Aliy, you stated that your specialty is dogs....and I totally agree. Even more so after reading the five training points in the Howler. And those five points are things that can be kept in mind with our own dogs. I volunteer at my local animal shelter and many times puppies and younger dogs are returned after being adopted because people don't understand that they need to give dogs time to develop and learn. I love the SPK attitude towards the physical and mental development of the awesome athletes That are in your care.

Nessmuk said...

Love the Growler!! Those 5 rules of training are spot on! Looking forward to a great season....continue what you all do best....put on the training miles...look out trails!!

J elliott said...

Excellent! And believe it or not - your training points are what miss Maxine & I followed from 6 weeks on.

She'll be 7 Jan 6th 2016, and both of us say I'm the best trained human ever.

LUV my gurldawg - fortunately the feeling's mutual... Nothing is better. Thank you SP.