Saturday, September 19, 2015

Olivia's Due Date is One Week

Olivia is the Diva of the sled dog world - she knows it, we know it… the world knows it. Whenever there is an Iditarod advertisement, Yukon Quest fundraiser or simply a dog mushing magazine article, you'll find a glamour photo of her. She is a poster girl and has had centerfold layout in numerous mags. (Hey now… don't let your mind wander! No wardrobe malfunctions from this girl.)

Yes, Olivia is a celebrity. It's a tough job being a celebrity: always looking good, howling at the correct time, staying fit, not biting photographers and don't forget those Instagram and Twitter posts - if you don't get those correct, you're down the tubes ASAP!

So, you can imagine that for the last few years the SP Kennel Crew has been overwhelmed with Olivia in the Spotlight. Now as a middle aged gal, this pregnancy has taken even more effort from her support staff. Yes… it was an intended pregnancy with her long time boyfriend, Nacho. But still, the stress of it all has required extra support from us all.

Now, Olivia's next big adventure is only one week out! Her due date is September 26th. Since there is such a high intensity atmosphere at the kennel, we have decided to add a little stress relief. So, we are having an "in house" Big O birthday guessing pool. Those of us here at at SP Kennel… chewing our fingernails and pacing… have all thrown 1 dollar into the kitty (or "puppy$" as we like to call it!) We've made a chart listing all of Olivia's Support Crew and their jobs.

The winner of the pool must guess the correct date and litter size. If there is a tie we will draw one of the tied names out of a dog bootie. If there is no correct guess we'll draw a winner out of all the Support Crew names. The winner not only gets the "puppy$" (the $23 kitty, NOT a cute little fur ball) but will also get to name the first born.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for disclosure of internal contest!!!

Were I in the contest, I would go with Kaz and Sam for Sept. 25, and with Sam on the total of nine little pups!

P.S. Awesome "staff" at SP Kennel OB-Gyn clinic - glad TRose will be at the ready!!!
P.P.S. And Olivia is always lovely! Woof, woof, woof!!!

Cindy Schaus said...

You all are so much fun! I love the job titles and chuckled at Spencer's title of "Man Friday". Olivia, you look marvelous darling, even in your pregnant state. Looking forward to the big news. Thanks for letting us be a part of the fun.

Judy in VA said...

Olivia looks terrific....glowing just like a mom-to-be. Glad that the whole SP Kennel crew is watching her closely and giving lots of support!

Like Margaret above...if I were in the contest, I'd say Sept. 26, and 7 pups. Keep us posted!

Nessmuk said...

Great way to take the edge off while you wait SPK! Love the Support Crew Titles....too funny!! I'll be checking the Dog Log more often this week as to not miss out on the announcement! You Go Big "O" .....gorgeous Mama to be....again!

A-town's Becky said...

All wrong...
Sept 23th barely, and only 7 pups.

Honestly, I'm just trying to be merciful toward Olivia;
although, I know she is a tough cookie and could handle a longer pregnancy with more pups.

Best wishes to the entire team!
Don't forget some sleep here and there too.

Dawn E said...

25th with 7 in the pot...yah Olivia safe delivery momma

Gaye Morgan-Walton said...

This is so fun. I would go with the 27th and eight puppies LOL. Mostly just want good health and an easy delivery for Mama Olivia and healthy, happy pups. Love and pets and treats to the crew!!

Anonymous said...

Olivia is such a beautiful dog! I think their little will come on the 26th. And I think it could be 6 puppies.
Good luck mama Olivia!

Tom & Cindy - Beemer & Viper(PA.) said...

September 27...the Blood Moon! Full eclipse of the moon. The heavens are in alignment for a "star-studded" litter of future champions.

Anonymous said...

I like Oct 27 with the Blood Moon. 8 puppies. She's looking round for sure but less than when she was a sausage with 11 puppies.
Whenever you have them, Olivia and crew, all around the country you've got your back side cheering team!!

Prayers, howls and love as pupday approaches.


Maryalice said...

Congratulations Olivia! I will guess the 28th and eight beautiful puppies. Wishing Olivia a healthy delivery. Go support crew at SPKennel!!!! Can't wait to hear the wonderful news.

Heidi Phillips said...

Yay Olivia! Congrats to Olivia and Nacho Dawg!!! My guess would be that Olivia will whelp on the 27th with 5 squiggling pups. Good Luck Olivia!!


Carrie Hopkins, Windsor, CT said...

Big O, you look awesome! I'm thinking it'll be the 27th, with 7 puppies! Too bad we can't play too, then O would have a nice treat stash waiting for her. :-) Good luck to everyone!!

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping she'll deliver on my birthday: September 27. Hello to my favorit i'm hoping she'll deliver on my birthday: September 27. Hello to my favorite Mushing kennel in the world! Love and hugs from Katie in Illinois :-)

marilyn cozzens said...

Sept 26-8 puppies. Go Olivia. Fantastic support crew. Yeah SPK.