Wednesday, September 9, 2015

'Name The Faces' - the Answers

Thank you to all of you who had a go at our first "Name the Faces" competition. We hope you had fun identifying everyone. Our winner is Jana Leal - congratulations!

L-R Kodiak and Scruggs are in lead, then Scout (centre) and Boondocks in swing, followed by Nacho and Chica (just her ear can be seen), Willie (centre) and Biscuit, Mac and Dutch with Felix and Chipper in wheel.

Here's some tips for identifying some of the faces in this pic:

Kodiak is a brown coloured Nacho. You can clearly see in this pic the similar expressions and markings of the two, just different colors. You will see him in lead a lot this coming season.

Scruggs and Olivia are lookalikes. Big O's white forehead is more rounded than Scruggs' (and he sometimes has "goggly eyes" in photographs - go take a look at some others if you don't believe me). He's also leggier than Olivia.

Most people got Scout correct. He's got a distinctive reddish colour and he looks just like his Mom ChaCha. Scout's ears are laid back against his head in this photo which was deceiving. Boondocks is smaller than any of the other grey dogs at the kennel. She also has a distinctive white spot on her forehead that can be seen in this photo.

Willie was one not many people picked. He is almost 10 pounds smaller than Clyde and is slightly darker. Outlaw is lighter (almost white). "Outie" is a tall, thin version of Willie. It is true that our blonde dogs are very similar (and now we also have Ernie in training!) But, Willie is one of the best SP Kennel team dogs ever. He is so good, so well behaved and so consistent that perhaps we don't talk about him enough! Sorry buddy.

L-R: Willie; Clyde; Outlaw (All from 2013 Portrait Day.)

Biscuit / Felix / Mismo / Izzy: Yes we know they all look sooo much alike huh? Biscuit has slightly rounded "eyebrows" compared to Felix's who has very pointy peaks in his widow's peak. Mismo also has pointy eyebrows but he is slightly lighter in colour on his face (and he is also enormous!). Izzy has a brown body, not black.

L-R: Biscuit; Felix; Izzy (All from 2014 Portrait Day.)

Mac appeared to be the easiest to identify as everyone got him right.

Dutch has a pronounced widows peak with quite a dark streak down the middle of his forehead.

Chipper, well, she's just a tiny, brown, enthusiastic gal with pointy ears and a big attitude! This photo epitomizes her attitude because in the wheel position, we shouldn't really even get a good glimpse of her tiny little body… but, Chipper isn't one to be ignored, so she is standing on her hind feet and jumping up and down in order to get into this photo.


Unknown said...

Thank you for the ball cap!
A few close faces...but not that hard!
Glad I also got Chica's little ear right :)

Anonymous said...

Woof, woof, woof!!!

Tell Chipper she was mistaken by me for Big Boy Outlaw - what leaping ability she has!

Thanks so much for this fun contest!



Nessmuk said...

This was a fun contest and we need the ID Training to prep for the season! Congrats to Jana...great job! I got a grade of 75% in this pop for improvement! I will study extra hard over the next few months to improve my SPK Sled Dog ID skills! Oh how I dred the Fire Litter...I mean I love them but man its gonna be tough! Thanks for the great post and friendly competition!

0300jh JeanneHammel said...

This was fun and tricky! Now I totally see the difference of my wrong picks. Hope you do this again. Thanks! GO SPK!!

Cindy Schaus said...

That was a blast! I'm going to refer to this post again when I have more time to compare my "entries". I did not even consider Willie, nor did I consider Scruggs. I must study harder, LOL! Congrats to the winner, Jana!

Linda Toth said...

Rats - I dithered on Mismo or Biscuit, but the ears looked flatter - otherwise NOT TOO SHABBY on my guess!

Kathy F. said...

Thanks for the contest--maybe the next one I can enter. I would
have been wrong right off the bat with Scruggs. Would have guess
Big O. Biscuit, Felix and Izzy have ears like Violet! Thanks for
the info Aliy!
Anxious for the season!