Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fall Colors

Training begins in the early mornings when the temperatures are cooler. It seems that just before and just after sunrise is currently the best time to hook up our dog teams. Sunrise is always an amazing spectacle on the trail!

The eastern horizon just at sunrise.

As the sun comes above the horizon and lightens up the day, it shows us the beauty in the Fall colors. The tree line is a vibrant yellow. And the shrubs are yellow, orange, red and all of the hues in between. But don't forget those ever greens - they will be with us through out the winter.

Fall colors close ups - don't forget the ever greens!

Enjoy this video from the morning training run:


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this view of AK autumn-looking weather here at the end of the summer season.

Just some yellow leaves falling back in my yard in CT!

Great passing practice!!!

Thanks again!



Billie Dobstaff, Buffalo NY said...

That is just so awesome!!

Anonymous said...

How refreshingly beautiful and the dogs look so happy to be out on the trail in the cool. (We are expecting 102+ in San Jose, CA today - not fun).

Nessmuk said...

Autumn is so gorgeous.....fall training runs sound like a perfect way to start and end the day! That pass was like PHEW!! I thought for a moment there was gonna be a tangle!! I can see how good manners on the trail is an important behaviour for a Sled Dog to learn! Practice makes Perfect!

marilyn cozzens said...

What awesome fall scenery in Two Rivers. I love the jump out of the pup to greet his teammate. Great dog team pass. The dogs look super happy.

A-town's Becky said...

Yes! Gorgeous footage!
The dogs look like they are thoroughly enjoying every moment.
What the heck on that pass? I thought at least two of your teammates were joining the other team...what excitement!
I hope you're loving every moment.

Anonymous said...

The were doing the "pasodoble" perhaps?

Steve Laine said...

September. A beautiful time to be in Alaska! You just brought back fond memories!

Steve Laine