Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Dog Hauler Construction - Completed

The Dog Box Artist finished up the new SP Kennel dog hauler this week. The interior is even complete with wiring and lights. The SP Kennel dogs will truly be riding around in style this season!

The color of the new hauler was of some debate but once the doors were painted, there was no turning back. Notice the homemade harness hangars.

Of course, there was an inspection at every stage.

Is it going to fit?

Hollywood (the Dodge Ram truck) is really stylish now!


Mom in PA said...

Looks like something designed for a winning racing kennel...WOW!

Heidi Phillips said...

Awesome!! Seems like you guys thought of everything. Hollywood and the crew are styling now!


Maryalice Adams said...

WOW! That truck is amazing and all will be riding in style. My dog would be jealous of that truck. It is awesome and am sure you will enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

WOW - great looking truck and box!!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!! Beautiful work and detailing - it looks light-weight, too!
Depending on the contract, since Doug finished early, as the original post "part one" mentioned Sept. 26 as the finish date, he should get a big bonus!!!

Really cool details, gorgeous materials plus lights for the team members to read their field notes of the upcoming races!

Bravo! Looks like Mac, Mismo and Woody can stand on their hind legs!!!

Nessmuk said...

Wow....awesome job there Doug!! Looks Simply Incredible....and with lights?!?! Fantastic!! Home made Harness Hangers are such a cool touch to detail!! Now that's super special!! Hats off to you all....job WELL done!! LOVE IT!!

Lisa B said...

Great job Doug! Looks awesome - the super star dogs of SPK deserve nothing less.

Gaye Morgan-Walton said...

Amazing and fabulous. Well, we know the SPK dogs deserve The Best and by golly that are going to have it!

Anonymous said...


Congratulations 4-legged SP racers!!!

What a beautiful things to have done. That's what Dads are for.



Linda Toth said...

Truly gorgeous.

Sally said...

Sweet ride. Great job Doug.