Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Biscuit Awarded "All-Star Status"

Biscuit's birthday is September 14, 2005 and today he is a proud and distinguished 10 year old SP Kennel dog. We've added him to the SP Kennel All-Star Page today! Here's why...

What can we say about Biscuit that hasn't already been said?

As of Fall 2015, Biscuit is not retired from racing. He finished so strongly in the 2015 Iditarod that he is in harness and training today. Despite the fact that he isn't retired yet, Biscuit has certainly already qualified as an All-Star!

Biscuit is as tough as they come. He is the best wheel dog in the business and can maneuver in the trickiest spots. The wheel position is often an underestimated position in the team. With our Howling Dog harness and line system, the wheel position isn't necessarily the best spot for the biggest and brawniest dogs. Since a wheel dog must always go under the mainline when switching sides, he or she must have tremendous agility, quickness and smarts. Biscuit has all of that and more.

Biscuit is one tough character with a very gentle side. He has never been a cuddly dog. He doesn't give kisses or enjoy ear scratches. But, boy oh boy, does he love a butt scratch. When you walk up to greet him he presents his haunches and playfully looks over his shoulder saying "go on, scratch my butt!" He will stand there for hours if you can hold out. He will 'coo and moan' as you rumple the fur on his rump. We have even noticed that his offspring, Felix and Mismo in particular, enjoy a rump scratch as well.

As an 8 week old puppy we noted "He is vocal and secure. A tail wagging dog!" As a yearling the comments were "Biscuit looks really good now - strong and excited to go! One of the strongest yearlings ever."

We have chosen to perpetuate Biscuit's All-Star genetics. He and Quito have had two litters together. These 11 puppies are now the team members with the most enthusiasm and energy on an SP Kennel team today. In 2015, all but three of them raced in the Iditarod.

Biscuit starts his eighth Iditarod! (front right)

Biscuit has also been known to lead the team, but only during the most challenging times. He lead Allen and the 2013 Yukon Quest team during a horrendous blizzard. This quote is from a YQ Checker in Eagle. Mushers "... had a terrible time coming over American Summit. There were high winds and snow and blizzard conditions that knocked out the trail and replaced it with large drifts. Hans Gatt was in a bad way and almost hypothermic from sweating so bad trying to break trail for his team. David and Mike went out with snow machines to help show the way and had a terrible time getting through with the snow machines." Allen put Biscuit in lead during this storm and he and Allen worked together to get the team to safety. Again in 2015, Biscuit found his spot in front of the team during the wind storms out on the Western Coast of Alaska during the Iditarod. Allen said he let "the Old Man" take charge for at least 300 miles through some rough weather.

Biscuit has started the Iditarod eight times and finished seven. In 2014 he was dropped from the team, for the first time in his racing career, in the Ruby Checkpoint simply because he was tired. His age was starting to show during the fastest Iditarod race ever. Biscuit is a multiple Yukon Quest and Copper Basin champion and has raced in just about all there is to race! His first distance race was the Tustemena 200 along side his sidekick and brother, Tatfish.

Aliy says: "Biscuit is dedicated and true to himself, his musher and his team."
Allen says: "Biscuit has always had the heart of a Champion."

Biscuit turning 10 years old is shocking because, honestly, you wouldn't know it if you saw him! He has the enthusiasm of a two year old and, although he doesn't have the speed of one, can still enjoy playing around in the field during the summer alongside his offspring or racing down the trail during the winter.

Biscuit is truly an SP Kennel All Star!

Click here to go to the All Stars page to see Biscuit, and all our other All Stars' Team Cards.


Heidi Phillips said...

Biscuit!! Yay Congrats on your All-Star status!! One that is well deserved! Biscuit has always been one of my favorites. I first caught site of this handsome athlete when I was at the Iditarod restart in 2011. Since then I have learned quite a bit about the Iditarod and the athletes (dog and human) that live to run the race. I love his "induction write" up. Great tid bits and insight on the "old man"
Pass on a butt rub from me :)


Barb, CO said...

Another great report. Thank you so much for putting it up. Great advice for me too - Focus. Focus.

Anonymous said...

So well deserved - Biscuit is so beautiful and soulful. What a guy!!!

Thanks so much for honoring him - to the SP Kennel version of "Huskies of Honor" status.

In CT, the women's basketball team from UCONN is called "huskies" and deserving basketball players are so elevated.



Carrie Hopkins, Windsor, CT said...

Happy Birthday, Biscuit!!! A well deserved place of honor on the All Star page has most definitely been earned! Enjoy your training, buddy, and continue showing those youngn's how it's done!

Maddy and Molly said...'re the man. Congratulations on your All Star Status.
YOU and my Sir Tucker bear a great resemblance and personality traits. I call him my "wild man".

Melissa Krahmer said...

Biscuit and Tatfish were the reasons I first started following SP Kennel. I can't believe they are 10 years old.
I remember when I met Biscuit he immediately turned and presented his rear for scratching. I walked around to his front to pet his head and he just turned around to present the rear again. Luckily, I can take a hint. :) I am honored to sponsor one of his offspring.

Cindy Schaus said...

Congrats Biscuit! Love the tidbits of information about his personality. Very cool!

Judy in VA said...

Congratulations to Biscuit. What a special guy he is! His performance has certainly earned him his All-Star status.

Nessmuk said...

Congrats Biscuit Boy!! That was quite the list of accomplishments...very impressive! 10 years of pure Sled Dog perfection!! Nothing short of Awesome!! In honor of Biscuit, I shall give a butt scratch to each of my pups right now! You go Buddy!!

patricia lewis said...

Congratulations to handsome Biscuit. I remember when he was dropped. I was shocked and heartbroken. Biscuit is so awesome. Happy belated birthday.

I really enjoyed Melissa's comment about her experience meeting him. So funny.

A-town's Becky said...

Of course Biscuit is an All Star!!!
Congratulations Biscuit, and happy birthday! :-)

Being slightly past my prime,
I would understand if it didn't work out,
but I'm rooting for you to help Violet figure out how to get to Nome. :-)

Anonymous said...

Biscuit, you are a modest, charming star!! So well deserved. Hope you got some special booty love scratches to celebrate this and your recent birthday!!


Gaye Morgan-Walton said...

What a great guy! Thank goodness his good genes are already passed along and maybe he can sire one more litter before he gets to the end of his trail. That's phenomenal to still be able to run at ten years old. A good rump scratch to Biscuit, bless his brave heart.

marilyn cozzens said...

Congratulations Biscuit, and you are a great treasure for SPK. Yes you really love your butt scratches. 10 years for SPK, gives you lots of wisdom to impart to the Fire litter & the Fab five from last year. Mush on good buddy.

Lynn Budzak said...

So very proud of Biscuit all these years!
Hugs from Lynn

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful trooper Biscuit has been! He has the best care providers in the business too! He deserves all the recognition he gets! He is a winner!
Yay for you Bicsuit!

Linda Toth said...

A great honor for a great dog.